Modular content is the key to customizing experiences at scale

What's inside

What's inside

Today’s digital content can and should be reusable. In order to do that, marketers need to put modular content management practices at the heart of their operations. With modular content, marketers can use content and asset management technology to scale content reuse, enable easy recombination of content components and deliver these components via APIs across multiple channels. Put simply, by working with modular content — smaller components separate from presentation, informed by logical or semantic connections —  marketers can customize experiences at scale. 

This Forrester report explores how a modular content approach supports three valuable use cases for marketers: rapid, compliant, and effective localization efforts; syndication of valuable content to where it helps customers; and personalized experiences. 

Read the report to:

  • Learn why modular content is key to customizing experiences at scale

  • Understand how modular content drives localization, syndication and personalization

  • Perpare youself to solve scaling issues with reuse

  • Plan shifts in people, processes and technology — which modular content will require

Download Forrester’s report to understand how to implement modular content initiatives in your B2C marketing organization.

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