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Updated: September 23, 2021

Content infrastructure for modern ecommerce


It’s time for retailers to rethink their approach to managing content and improve their ability to drive sales. There are a few key ingredients that make up agile ecommerce success: alignment across channels, repurposing content to get more value, and optimizing content so the right message reaches the right customer at the right time.

For any company hoping to maintain a competitive advantage, a cloud-native ecommerce platform is mandatory. Agile ecommerce allows retailers to operationalize content across channels, and enables developers to swiftly integrate their solutions stack with new technology.

Read the full white paper here or see below for a brief overview.

Rethinking content for the ecommerce experience

Content takes time to update, especially if your content model is tied up with your backend. If you run your ecommerce operation on multiple devices (practically mandatory in this day and age), shipping content updates is an inevitably slow and repetitive process. This limits a business’ ability to operate at speed and scale — a necessity in a market where trends are made overnight.

Localization and personalization

Localization and personalization

Spend less time on the logistics of localization so you can focus on delivering sophisticated campaigns that engage, convert and retain customers across global markets.

Without content infrastructure, your ability to personalize and innovate around brand content is "so last season." Contentful’s open platform offers brands agility to build new digital products using the best tools for the job.

Modernizing your ecommerce digital experience means understanding that content is a key part of the ecommerce success story.

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Download our white paper to see how these companies are going agile — with content at their core: Nike, Glossier, Staples Canada, Etsy Aldo, Beauty Bay, Trunk Club, Tui.
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