Mailchimp’s website team are now more aligned than ever

10x more content created by the marketing team, 15min average deploy time and 4 languages now localized faster. All using Contentful Basic

Benefits to Mailchimp using Basic

  • 10x more content

    Marketers can now market, not needing engineering time to make a fix or deploy content

  • 15min average deploy time

    Engineers and marketers now able to execute on fixes, new content types much faster. Before Contentful, it took 20mins to fix a typo. Now it’s instant

  • 4 languages now localised

    The success found on English speaking countries was replicated seamlessly to 3 more languages with same benefits

What is Contentful Basic

Subscriptions Illustrations Teams

Starts at $300pm

  • 20

    team members

  • 4


  • 2M

    monthly API calls (overages allowed)

  • 1GB

    asset size

  • #1

    technical support from out product experts

  • 750

    GB of asset bandwidth (with overages)

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