Contentful emerges as a Contender in the 2018 Forrester Wave: Web Content Management Systems

Today, Contentful was recognized in The Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management Systems, Q4 2018. We are thrilled to not only be included in this list of providers, but also to be named a Contender in the Web CMS market based on the strength of our offering, company strategy and market presence.

Notably, we received the highest score possible in a number of categories:

  • Cloud Strategy

  • API Management

  • Deployment and Configuration

  • Developer Program

Building brands has become building software.

We believe our inclusion in the Wave Report indicates a major evolution in the WCM market. It is increasingly the case that building brands means building software. Building market share, building competitive differentiation, building shareholder value — all of these are accelerated through building software.

That's why we have defined a new category for this type of SaaS/PaaS offering that goes beyond a traditional CMS: content infrastructure. It is sometimes referred to as Headless CMS because it removes the presentation layer from the content, but our product and mission isn't just about this decoupling, this reduction of an existing CMS. We’ve taken a new approach entirely, purpose-built for creating a wide portfolio of digital experiences, powered by modern software delivery pipelines.

Content infrastructure solves both back-end problems inherent in a traditional CMS — by providing a powerful API for programmatic federation and management of structured content — and the front-end problems of traditional CMSes, not limited by opinionated frameworks or specific programming languages. As a result, content infrastructure better supports cross-functional teams who are working on a portfolio of cloud-based digital products: websites, apps, customer portals, eCommerce platforms, in-store experiences, employee intranets and beyond. Content infrastructure can provide a content hub, a system of record, for all of the content that powers each step of the customer journey across global brands' digital footprints.

You can see this shift in the market happening in the way people describe their daily activities:

  • From "content management" to "content operations"

  • From "publishing posts and pages" to "shipping digital products"

  • From "customizing a solution" to "assembling a stack"

The Wave Report for Web CMS highlights that we have changed the game for developers: "Contentful's strategic strength is the flexibility to support any front end and the granularity of the API documentation, which is a game-changer for developers." It also notes that we are ramping up initiatives such as the Digital Experience Stack (an alliance with Optimizely, Tealium, Atlassian, Amplitude, Fullstory, AWS and more), which enhance the practitioner experience by letting them use the best available platforms for experimentation, personalization, analytics, collaboration, etc.

Our mission to "modernize how content flows" was born from the need of modern digital teams to assemble a flexible tech and marketing stack to support different stages of the customer lifecycle. This alternative to traditional all-in-one systems, which aim to provide a single solution for everything, empowers teams through seamless integration to choose the best technology and experiment at will.

We've got our work cut out for us to execute on this vision. We're rapidly expanding our platform’s capabilities for developers and content creators, and increasing its extensibility to meet the needs of today's digitally transformed (or transforming) enterprise. We're thrilled about our inclusion in the Forrester Wave, and this is just the beginning. After all, it's about the journey, not the destination.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this milestone: our agile and innovative customers, global partners including AKQA, R/GA, Publicis.Sapient, Huge, and more, and our passionate employees around the globe (affectionately known as Contentfuler@s).

Now, go get your copy of the new Forrester Wave Report!

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