Optimizely and Contentful’s partnership helps teams deliver better digital experiences

As a tool for continuous experimentation and improvement, Optimizely helps teams iterate and learn across the entire user journey to find the most successful way to deliver an engaging digital experience. And, they’re a close partner of Contentful, both inside and out of the DXS alliance. The Optimizely app allows Contentful users to conduct A/B testing directly through the web app — no developer and no tab-switching needed. We’re proud to say that Optimizely.com runs on Contentful.

How the Optimizely app helps build digital experience 

Optimizely’s progressive delivery and experimentation platform allows engineering, product and marketing teams to ship high-quality code and digital experiences faster, providing data-backed evidence to drive their end results.

The Optimizely app enables marketers to target messaging, personalize campaigns and drive growth for their business — test what your audience finds valuable and what results in increased conversion and retention rates. Because it’s an app integration, content writers, editors and marketers can run these experiments on their own, without asking developers for help every time they want to try something new. And it reduces the manual work normally required. This empowers you to create for digital experience platforms without investing too many resources.

The integration works by replacing entries in your references with a new content type: a variation container. This container is part of your normal content model, and it manages the original version of your content, plus any variations you want to experiment with.

The whole team can move quickly to improve any digital experience on any platform for the benefit of the end user’s experience.

You can read more about the Optimizely app and try it for yourself. Install the app from our app marketplace — no developer needed. Our documentation can help you through the process. 

Partnering with Contentful: Deploy digital experiences faster  

Before starting to use Contentful, Optimizely didn’t have a CMS at all and used two different systems for its marketing site. This meant day-to-day content operations were both slow and resource-intensive.

The biggest impact for Optimizely’s team since implementing Contentful as a CMS has been the increase in speed of its content operations.

Whereas before, even the most minor copy updates required intervention from the marketing engineering team and took a 40-minute build process to complete, edits are now made in near-real-time. Now Optimizely’s marketers and marketing developers produce every digital experience they envision more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Learn more

To learn more about how Optimizely’s use of Contentful helped improve publishing speed and more, read the case study.

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