Why solution partners succeed with Contentful

The value of partnering with Contentful as a solution partner is multi-faceted. Partners have access to resources and support offered by the Contentful partner program. The primary goal of the partnership is to ensure both solution partners and customers succeed. We achieve this through technical enablement and marketing initiatives, empowering partners to build the best digital experiences for their customers. Partners are able to help their customers transition from legacy technologies to a modern and flexible content platform.

Using the Apps Framework

Solution partners can take advantage of our App Framework and open ecosystem of technology partners. 

Solution partners, such as agencies, consultancies and systems integrators, can use our App Framework to build connections or hooks into Contentful for technology that suits their customers business requirements. The App Framework enables partners to build their own “app catalogue” for customers, while still using Contentful as the central source for content. Our open and agnostic foundation is designed to address the needs of digital leaders and administrators for assembling custom digital experience stacks. Using the App Framework, solution partners and customers can centrally manage, maintain and share functionality across teams with custom built apps. The end result is businesses can customize their own digital experience platforms on top of the Contentful platform. We like to see it as customers unlocking their true potential.

We know that tech stacks beat suites

Solution partners can take advantage of customizing a tech stack of their choice to best fit the needs of their client to create a superior digital experience.

An open platform is the ultimate foundation for an open ecosystem. We know that technology stacks beat technology suites; this was the bet we made when Contentful was founded. When our open ecosystem is paired with the App Framework, solution partners can take advantage of customizing a tech stack to best fit the needs of their customers. The result is a better digital experience. An open ecosystem provides solution partners the ability to use existing technologies within a customer’s environment without sacrificing agility, efficiency and speed to market dictated by the customer’s business requirements.

Contentful is built for solution partners

When you tie all of this together with our partnership enablement, go-to-market program and dedicated partnerships team, you can see why solution partners succeed with Contentful. The number one goal for the partnership organization is to help partners and joint customers to surpass their business goals. It goes without saying, we rely heavily on our partners to work with us to provide the best experience for our customers. Contentful is only one part of the equation and partners help us complete the equation to provide the best possible outcome for our customers.  

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