By Maria Valatkaite, on May 19, 2020

Build a lean, mean digital experience machine

A robotic hand being operated by a person, representing a powerful digital experience machine

Companies invest millions of dollars in technology to help them deliver better digital experiences faster than the competition. However, hidden costs trouble all-in-one solutions, including the time lost using clunky, inefficient tools while building, shipping and maintaining products.

To maximize the value of those investments, digital leaders are shifting their focus from closed, monolithic systems to a new generation of tools that can be seamlessly integrated into custom tech stacks. Lean stacks reduce complexity and increase productivity to deliver digital products faster.

Get started on building a leaner, more efficient stack by focusing on your content: 

  1. Buy only what you need: Stop buying an all-in-one legacy CMSes full of services you don’t need or use; instead create a lean tech stack using only the ingredients that matter, with a flexible content platform at its heart.

  2. Build more efficiently: Agile teams can move faster by reusing both content and architecture, reducing the unit cost of building digital products, and enabling content creators to edit without the costly involvement of developers. 

  3. Get more value from your existing investments: Use a content hub to deploy existing content to more channels, making each bit of content work harder. Integrate with tools (no costly customization required) to improve performance.

To learn more about how to maximize the value of your tech investments, check out our white paper. Download Get more value from your digital investments now to read how leading companies streamlined their tech stacks and built more robust digital experiences, saving time and money along the way.

Maria Valatkaite
Berlin, Germany

Lead editor on Contentful's white papers and reports and proof positive that Contentful is for creatives too.

Maria focuses on translating the excitement developers have about Contentful into what matters for business and content teams.

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