Contentful powers a toll management system, built by Brain Station 51

DKV Euro Services recently asked us at Brain Station 51 to develop a series of online toll management systems for Bulgaria. We crafted a sales platform that DKV uses to resell toll permits for vehicles, using Contentful.

DKV needed everything to be completed in less than two months so that it could be the first on the Bulgarian market. Using Contentful empowered us to beat the deadline, provide a seamless editor experience and decrease the challenges associated with multi-language content.

Managing multi-language content in Contentful is a snap

We chose Contentful to handle the content layer of DKV’s new ecommerce site, because the content platform solves their biggest challenges. Contentful stores content in one place and comes with an easy-to-use editor interface, called the web app. These features allow the DKV editorial team to create, update and translate content all in one place, without the help of developers. 

Disconnected storage systems and tools can slow companies down and make it hard for them to deliver consistent content. Having a unified content hub ensures consistency — a single source of truth for every version of content that marketing, sales, and customer success use. 

It also simplifies how the team works with multi-language content — which they have a lot of. They provide English, German, Bulgarian and Turkish versions of the site.

The Contentful web app means that the DKV team can manage and update all of their content, regardless of language, on their own. No need for a developer or someone with technical expertise. This decreases time to production — neither team is waiting for the other to move forward.

Collaborate across continents in any language

We had two teams from Brain Station 51 collaborating on this project. A team in Bangladesh handled the technical development, and a team in Germany managed the project and communicated with DKV. We implemented agile practices to advance the project as quickly as possible. 

Thankfully, Contentful isn’t tied to a specific set of languages — we could use whatever languages our developers preferred. We implemented Angular for the presentation layer, JavaScript for the backend, and integrated cloud computing capabilities with AWS. When it came to transfer the content from Contentful to the toll site, we used the Contentful Delivery API. 

Some of our team members worked specifically on learning how Contentful works in order to implement it successfully. Classes and resources helped them along the way. This approach ensures seamless integration. 

A map depicting how Brain Station 51 integrated Contentful into their system

Figure: How we implemented the Contentful CMS

Success metrics

The online toll management system is a success. The ability to get the toll service anytime online has proved convenient for all types of customers. It’s used by frequent and occasional travelers, as well as transportation businesses. And it complements all of the mobility services DKV provides. DKV has automated reporting and invoicing for the toll service, a dedicated customer service line and the ability to pay just using the DKV card.

Contentful made it possible for DKV to manage the system on their own, thanks to the flexibility of the web app. They can adjust all of the content whenever they need to — without calling us or a developer.

Brain Station 51 Contentful implementation success metrics - screenshots of articles

DKV entered a new avenue of business operations with our online toll management solution. We’re proud to have supported their success!  

You can learn more about Contentful, or get in touch with us at Brain Station 51.

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