Supporting partners and their customers to go digital first in 2020 the past year, we’ve created several great partnerships. Every partner and project had unique goals and visions for their brand, but the one thing they had in common was that they were looking for a flexible, scalable and quick-to-build content platform. This is why they chose Contentful.

Want to learn about the various ways that Contentful could change your digital presence? Here’s a roundup of articles from our blog that covers the reasons why our partners chose Contentful to manage their content.

At Frakton, we speak Contentful

Contentful prides itself on providing partners great training through a variety of educational tools and support. Courses have been designed to cover every topic a cross-functional team needs to be successful and, most importantly, team members can even become certified in the various content.

The team members at Frakton who have completed courses and got Contentful-certified said one of the most important aspects of Contentful’s training is that it wasn’t boring. The courses are online, free, accessible, engaging, and repeatable, thus enabling everyone to become confident in their Contentful skills.

Content modeling: Lessons learned from Clover

Content modeling is what gives your site structure and organizes your content. In a headless CMS, which uses various building blocks, or content types, to build a page, it can be easy to fall into content model overload by creating too many content types, resulting in too many of those building blocks ready to topple over at a moment's notice.

Clover learned that content model overload can be fixed by avoiding the creation of new content models for variations of the same thing, requiring hint text and validation for every field, and always reviewing content models with stakeholders.

Quorn chose Contentful to satisfy the global meat-free market

Quorn wanted to solve three business problems with a website refresh: long lead times when launching websites in new markets, poor user experience, and format and content inconsistencies between sites due to international websites being managed in situ.

In order to solve these problems, Quorn turned to Anything and chose Contentful to manage their content. Now, instead of 6 to 12 months to launch a new site, Quorn can launch a site in less than three. Teams can upload content across multiple locales and key markets within minutes, and tasks that used to take a full day to complete can now be completed in a few hours.

How DFDS lost its head: Digital transformation and content management at scale, part one

DFDS needed to update its content management structure and chose Contentful because of the “create once, publish everywhere” style of content management it provides.

With Contentful, DFDS went from a page-centric to topic-centric content approach. This modular approach enables editors to reuse content across multiple markets without having to individually copy and paste content into various pages.

This streamlined approach in conjunction with the convenient web app allows for faster time-to-market speeds and productivity gains for editors, marketers and translation agencies.

Combining history and technology in ecommerce: Au Départ with atoms studio

Au Départ Paris, one of France’s premier luxury trunk makers, celebrated a new beginning and looked to design studio atoms to help them create an ecommerce website that gave them the freedom and support to grow into any market or digital platform.

Atoms chose to combine Commerce Layer and Contentful to create a tech stack for Au Départ because it gives them the flexibility to grow without limits — the same components can be used to create endless possibilities. This combination also empowers Au Départ creators and editors to make changes themselves without the help of developers.

Fast, easy, engaging: Alpro rebuilds website with Contentful

When Alpro wanted to create a new digital experience as part of their brand update, they turned to the digital agency Appnovation. Using Contentful as the content platform, Appnovation was able to help them successfully launch a new site in less than six months, just in time for their newly rebranded products to hit the grocery store shelves.

Contentful also made it easier for Alpro to put mobile first to create a more engaging experience for customers. Since the new website was launched, Alpro has not seen not only seen an increase in site traffic, but also an uptick in repeat visits from customers and page views per visit.

Building customized and flexible websites on a content platform

Balancing ease-of-use and flexibility without giving an inch on design was a key factor for 15 Finches when they built a marketing site for their startup partner, Rapidly. They chose to go with Contentful because a content platform enabled them to create a kit of parts that ensured no matter what, Rapidly’s site would be on-brand and the emphasis would be on user experience, SEO and web design best practices.

Another benefit 15 Finches found was that Contentful offers a way to easily integrate other tools through UI extensions, preventing any ease-of-use roadblocks they may have faced.

Rebuilding our agency website Rio 2.0 on Contentful

Rangle wanted its new website to be able to showcase their skills in design and development to potential clients without restriction. They wanted to build deep experiences through content such as animations, blogs, podcasts and webinars, and with Contentful as their CMS, they could do all of the above.

With Contentful, Rangle’s content is available across all platforms and devices, and they have the ability to grow into new content types, such as interactive experiences. And their authoring teams don’t experience the limits of an enterprise CMS, so they are able to change their minds and make adjustments as needed.

Contentful powers a toll management system, built by Brain Station 51

When DKV Euro Services asked Brain Station 51 to develop a series of online toll management systems for Bulgaria in less than two months, Brain Station 51 turned to Contentful.

DKV needed an easy-to-use interface for editors that allowed them to create, update and translate content in one plane and without the help of developers. Contentful’s platform solved this challenge and the web app allows DKV’s team to manage all of their content and translations on their own.

By using Contentful, Brain Station 51 was able to beat DKV’s deadline, and DKV was able to be the first-to-market platform for reselling Bulgarian toll permits.

We’re always looking for great agencies to partner with. You can learn more about our program, and let us know if you’re interested in joining the Contentful ecosystem.

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