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October 12, 2018



It’s the second Wednesday of the month. That means it’s time for the latest Contentful Developer Updates. This October we’re highlighting all of our favorite projects and articles from the Contentful Community in the past 30 days!

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Community Code of the Month


Writing Content Migrations in Typescript

We’re excited that Gordon Burgett and Ristomatti Airo stepped up to add Typescript support into the Contentful Migration tooling. We’re grateful to them for the work they’ve done, and we’re always happy to review any pull requests that y’all are looking to submit.

Our favorite posts


Contentful Multitext

Bart Nagel, a web developer from Vancouver, created a UI-Extension to enable bulk editing and reordering of multiple text fields. Check it out!

Is a JAMstack right for your site?

Beatrice Huang, an engineer at Upstatement, created an impressive, three, part series on the JAMStack, it benefits, recommended tools and a practical guide around implementation.

Managing Microcopy with React and Contentful

Kristin Baumann wrote a post documenting how she utilized React and Contentful to make it simple for her non-technical colleagues to edit microcopy independently of the dev team.

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Did you work on something that we missed? If you have something that you want to be shared with the rest of the Contentful Community, let me know. I want to hear about the stuff that you build this month!

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