The future is bright: our Series B round

Series B funding
May 26, 2016



Today is a big day for us at Contentful as we just . We can’t wait to put that money to good use: our plans include establishing and ramping up our San Francisco office, scaling the Berlin team, and building the best content management developer platform.

We’ve grown from 12 people when we went live in May 2014 to 60 people now – all in pursuit of serving customers better, improving the user experience, building new features, and continuing on our mission to take content where it couldn’t be taken before.

A vibrant developer community

Over the past two years our community has almost grown by a factor of ten to 34,000 software developers today. Many great developers have contributed to the now 243 repos on GitHub. Our community has built SDKs for more languages, integrations to more frameworks, extensions to more static site generators, and code for many other use cases than we could ever have dreamed of doing on our own.

It is truly mesmerizing to watch our community create brand new experiences and come up with ever more creative and complex integrations – all around the world and across all industries. So a big thanks goes to all of our developers! We can’t wait to see what you build next, and we promise that we will be working hard on our platform and continue to focus on the developer community, so that you can develop even more amazing stuff.

Dear customers, thank you for your trust

From the early days on we thought we might be in for a rough ride penetrating the enterprise stack, as these were the supposed “dinosaurs” stuck in an on-premise past. Boy were we wrong... Even in some of the more conservative industries like banking, utilities, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals we are encountering modern microservice architectures, API-first thinking left and right, and teams of cutting-edge developers on a mission to get stuff done. Even the analysts took notice.

From dealing with ultra-high traffic loads on the Superbowl or Black Friday to elegant digital signage solutions (we power the coolest one on Times Square) to mobile and web cross-platform publishing in dozens of languages, we are seeing our customers push the envelope in creating truly unique content experiences. We are humbled by the enormous trust our customers place on us and promise to double down on our enterprise capabilities: expect more features, better extensibility, and even quicker support.

Best team ever

Contentful team

Over the past year the growth of both customers and employees was massive. We’ve grown from a dozen people to 60 people coming from 28 nations. We’ve dramatically improved our Contentful Web App and API capabilities, introduced lots of key features, and have been operating our infrastructure with zero downtime on the Content Delivery API for the past 18 months – all while onboarding one major enterprise customer after another and reorganizing from a department structure to cross-functional product squads.

We’ve been fortunate to have Christoph and Suranga on our board, and a great team of advisors who’ve helped us shape our product vision and are excited to welcome Eric to our board. It is a privilege to work with every single one of this crew, and if you want to join in on the ride, please go take a look at our job openings – it’s a really great place to be.

A peek into the future

We’ll continue making Contentful the content management developer platform, delighting developers by an API that just makes sense, surprising editors with an elegant writing environment, and delivering value to our customers – as well as everyone else. We will continue to grow, and we will work hard to remain true to our company values.

Thank you!

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