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July 12, 2022


Happy July!

This month we’re highlighting creative ecommerce and custom Contentful app tutorials that are sure to inspire your next build! We’re also welcoming a new member to the Contentful Developer team and continuing to speak at — and sponsor — conferences.

Explore all of these exciting updates below!

Made with Contentful and Gatsby

Contentful corner

Building Rise of the Robots with Gatsby and Contentful

Our friends at Gatsby created an awesome demo and tutorial on building a Gatsby site with Contentful supporting content management. It really shows how you can get creative with a Jamstack website.

Contentful + Shopify Hydrogen starter

We’re loving Hydrogen, Shopify’s new React-based framework for building custom storefronts. This starter will get you up and running with the framework, offering insight on how to fetch content from Shopify that integrates Contentful content models.

Alvin Bryan joins the Contentful Developer Relations team

We’re delighted to welcome a new Developer Advocate to our team: Alvin Bryan! Alvin joins Contentful with a background in coding and game development. If you’d like to learn more about his transition to developer relations, check out his introductory blog post.

Create a composable commerce site with Contentful and Medusa

Spin up an ecommerce store with Medusa, an open-source headless commerce solution, and Contentful. This post includes a step-by-step tutorial, the benefits of Medusa, and a collection of content management best practices for ecommerce and marketing teams.

Build custom apps with the Contentful App Framework

Did you know you can build apps with Contentful? This blog post gives you an overview of our App Framework, which allows you to customize and extend the functionality of Contentful. It also showcases apps that others have built — including those that track inventory, power digital signage, and manage basketball drafts! 

Simplify image workflow and optimize visual experiences with imgix and Contentful

imgix, a leading end-to-end image and video processing software provider, created a Contentful app to help users search, visualize, and manage media. This blog post is a quickstart guide on how the app works.

Developer Survey: Give us your feedback about Contentful!

Calling all developers! We’re curious what you think of our platform. If you’re open to sharing your thoughts, please fill out this short survey

Harshil Agrawal on stage


In June we sponsored JSNation and React Summit in Amsterdam. We had a great time meeting everyone who visited the booth!

Harshil spoke on managing content models at both events. Recordings of his talks at JSNation and React Summit are now live. Go, give them a peek!

Harshil will also speak at FullStack eXchange in London on July 28. His talk titled “The Curse of Popularity: The Story of GitHub Wrap” will focus on the challenges faced when an open-source project goes viral. 

We’ve been busy this summer and expect to have a similarly packed schedule in the fall. 

Visit our developer events page to stay up to date on future events.

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Links we like

Style Stage

Some of you might remember CSS Zen Garden, a cool project (that ended in 2013) highlighting the power of CSS. Style Stage is a new take on it, the challenge being that different developers write styles for a pre-created page, without changing any of the HTML. The design variation is fantastic and I recommend giving it a try!

Ever wished you could get easy access to version information of current browsers? Stefan Judis did, which inspired the creation of, an API that returns the current versions of major browsers. 

Netflix Top 10

It’s no secret, we love Next.js — which is why I wanted to highlight a cool project created with it! Netflix built a website to show trending TV shows and movies around the world, built with Next. Also, check out this showcase of Next.js sites. It is awesome that many of the websites I use the most are built using Next.js and I had no idea!

Solving the bigger problems

Join our team!

If scaling products and working on busy GraphQL endpoints is your thing, let’s talk! Costa Coffee, Rapha, EA, and thousands of other companies use Contentful daily. As we scale to support the world's leading API-first content platform, we’re hiring for these roles:

Staff Backend Engineer

Staff engineers drive the technological evolution of Contentful by charting the path ahead and working hands-on on high-stakes, technically-critical projects. Take a look at the role description.

Check out our careers page to stay up to date on open roles — feel free to apply or make referrals. We’d love to have you on our team!

That’s a wrap for July!

Visit our developer portal for even more news. The portal also houses developer blog posts, videos, and tutorials.

And check out our Developer Showcase to see what developers have built with Contentful and to submit your own projects.

As always, feel free to contact us on Slack or Twitter to let us know how we can better support your awesome builds.

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