Our annual customer conference, videos about the App Framework and new features

Our annual customer conference, videos about the App Framework and new features
August 10, 2021


Ciao and happy August, Contentful community!

It's been a busy month over here – you might have heard that we raised a solid amount of money. We also released new video resources and, wait for it, we set the date for our annual customer conference!

Are you ready for all this? Let's do it!

Our annual conference, Fast Forward 2021 by Contentful

Fast Forward by Contentful

It's time to come together again! Our virtual conference Fast Forward will take place November 3–5. Sign up for free to learn how developers, builders and creators change the way of building products and websites. I can't wait to see all of you there!

Sign up for Fast Forward

We want you on stage! A call for papers for Fast Forward 

Speaking of Fast Forward, we want to hear from you! For the first time, we'll open up the stage to include your talks and ideas! 

Did you build something great with Contentful? Did you learn something exciting in web development? Do you have something to share with the Contentful community? (I'm sure you do!) We can't wait to fill the schedule with all your great ideas!

Apply to speak

Contentful corner

The App Framework course

A new App Framework video course 

The App Framework allows you to customize the editing experience in the Contentful web app and create advanced content workflows. If you prefer to learn new things with video, I have news for you! 

We released a new video course explaining the ins and outs of the App Framework! Ignore Netflix this month, it's time to watch some nerdy videos!

We want your feedback about the App Framework CMA adapter

While we’re on the topic of the App Framework, we’re running an early access program to gather feedback about the App Framework to make sure we’re developing the features you all want. 

We're looking for feedback about an upcoming feature that allows you to use the vanilla CMA client in your apps. The idea is to provide a simpler and more consistent API experience. If that sounds useful to you, sign up and let us know what you think!

Automated migrations with periodic metric checks

Database migrations are always challenging. Our Staff engineer Farruco shared how we're improving our database migration execution to guarantee high availability and performance of our databases.

Product release roundup: summer ‘21 edition

Do you want to catch up with all the summer feature releases? Check out this first video for highlights and commentary about Contentful’s summer changelog.

Links we like

This website isn't changing when you blink, or is it?

Is it a good idea to update a website in a blink? Probably not, but I love this demo doing exactly that. Open the site, allow camera access and blink (or try not to).

Good-looking font combinations

Picking a great-looking font combination is a challenging task for me. If you're always on the hunt for beautiful font combinations, too, this site is for you!

Web Features That May Not Work As You’d Expect

The Web as a platform has a massive surface with countless functionalities. It's hard enough to keep track of all the new browser APIs, but it gets especially tricky when APIs behave differently than you expect. Farai Gandiya collected surprising examples worth knowing when you're building for the web.


Update scheduled actions with the CMA

The Scheduled Actions API now provides the ability to update the timestamp or timezone of an existing action. Learn more about it in the docs.

New vibrant colors in our products

You probably noticed it; all the products got a tiny lift to look sharper this summer! We updated the colors in our design system Forma 36. The best thing: we provide a codemod to make the new color adoption as seamless as possible.

New headers for request verification 

If you're using backend apps to automate your content flows, we added new features to verify requests coming from Contentful. You now have space, environment and user ids available in the request headers.

Stay safe, and talk with you next month!

That’s it for August! Visit our developer portal to stay up to date. It includes developer blog posts, videos and our newsletter. Let us know via Slack or Twitter how we can continue to help you make awesome things.

Stefan, from Contentful

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