Introducing the Contentful Partner Program

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August 26, 2014


As Contentful has been growing and evolving, so too has our relationship with agencies. In fact, most of the large enterprise clients that are using Contentful have come to us through an agency. Even better: before they’ve even finished their first project with us, they often have the next project waiting! These agencies play a critical role in our continued success, we’ve spent a lot of time talking to agencies about how we can make it easier for them to work with us and our clients.

We’ve received a lot of great feedback from agencies all over the world and today we’re proud to announce the Contentful Partner Program. It’s designed to help agencies deliver the best possible digital products and services to their clients, through lowered cost and better support, and to help our clients get the digital expert-help they need.

Why should I use Contentful with my clients?

There’s a reason why you came across Contentful. Our digital consumption is spreading across an increasing amount of devices and platforms and your clients need your help to reach the right audience in the best possible way. In trying to satisfy the demand for better and more dynamic experiences, many agencies waste their precious development resources (not to mention client’s budgets) on a piece-by-piece and platform-by-platform optimization of user experience.

It’s not the agencies’ fault, mind you. The reason for this waste lies in the fact that existing CMS’s often treat mobile content as an afterthought rather than an integral part of the online user experience. This unfortunate state of our industry drives many agencies and enterprises to shoddy hacks or time-consuming workarounds.

Contentful lets you focus on delivering world-class user-interfaces, without having to worry about what happens behind the scenes. Your clients get an easy-to-use editor interface that enables them to create content once and publish everywhere. This saves your developers and the client’s editors a ton of time!

Why should I become a partner?

You don’t have to become a partner to use us with your clients. Our API’s are open and available and you can get started without our help. As you start working with multiple clients on Contentful however, there are certain questions that come up: Should I keep clients in one account, or separate them? What’s coming up on the Contentful roadmap? How do I handle support across accounts? Can I get leads from Contentful? The Partner Program helps you answer these questions.

As a Contentful partner you will have access to the Sales- & Marketing Resources as well as the Technical Support you need to successfully solve your customers’ content management challenges. Benefits include:

  • Placement on our website

  • Support for press releases, blogs and other online content

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Early insight into Contentful roadmap

  • Early access to certain Beta features

  • Discount on certain Enterprise Features

For the full list of benefits, to apply to become a partner, or to find a partner to work with, check out our partners page.

We are opening the doors for new partners today and there’s a lot of demand. Our initial partners were hand-picked to different geographies and strengths and we’re excited to hear why you should become the next Contentful Partner.

Apply now to join the future of content management and a roster of cutting-edge agencies!

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