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January 30, 2015



The ability to create your own content types from scratch faster than you can make a cup of coffee is one of the great features of Contentful. Sometimes, however, you just want to start publishing right away!

That’s why we’ve created “Space Templates”. Now you can set up your entire Contentful Space faster than filling a cup of instant coffee with boiling water (God forbid!).

One click is all it takes

We’ve taken three of the most popular use cases we see on Contentful and turned them into out-of-the-box templates. For now, this means that you can simply click on your space selector drop-down in the top right corner and hit “+Create space”. You will now be presented with the four options of creating a space based on our Blog, Photo Gallery, or Product Catalogue templates or doing it the old fashioned way, starting with a blank space.

spacetemplates 1

If you choose one of the new space templates, we’ll automatically create the content models, with validations and all, as well as some showcase entries.

spacetemplates 2

Now, this is meant as inspiration so you don’t have to always start from scratch. In the future we plan to add more space templates and even open it up so you would be able to create your own!

Product Catalogue on iOS

Now that you can set up your spaces in a matter of seconds, I’m sure you’d be happy to start publishing the content as well. That’s why we built an iOS app for the product catalogue, so you can quickly preview your content on an iPhone.


The source code is available on our iOS developer docs, so building your own app will be pretty fast too. Maybe not making-a-cup-of-coffee fast, but pretty fast. Happy building!

Start building

Use your favorite tech stack, language, and framework of your choice.

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