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Example apps

Example iOS apps are a great way to start building with Contentful. They show how to start a project based on example spaces.


The Swift example app

The Swift example app teaches the very basics of how to work with Contentful:

  • consume content from the Contentful Delivery and Preview APIs
  • model content
  • edit content through the Contentful web app

The app demonstrates how decoupling content from its presentation enables greater flexibility and facilitates shipping higher quality software more quickly.

A generic gallery app connected to a Contentful gallery example space. The codebase of this app uses contentful-persistence.swift to demonstrate using CoreData to persist Contentful content for offline use.

Discovery app

This app lets you browse and preview your Contentful spaces.


A generic blog app connected to a Contentful example space.


You can use these example apps as inspiration for building your own watchOS apps.


A watchOS app for finding bars near you. You can read more about the app in this blog post.



This example shows you how to use the Contentful SDK with tvOS apps.