Configure a field

To configure a field in a content type:

  1. Log in to the Contentful web app.

  2. Go to the Content model tab.

  3. Go to the required content type and click to open it. The content type editor is displayed.

  4. Either add a new field or go to the existing one and click Edit. Your field window is displayed.

  5. Configure your field in the following field tabs:

    • Settings — Edit field name, enable localization, and apply other available settings depending on your field type.

    • Validation — Set one or multiple requirements to the field's content.

    • Default value — Set a default value for your field. This value is editable in the entry editor.

    • Appearance — Select how your field is displayed in the entry editor. Add custom help text to be displayed below the field.

  6. Click Confirm to apply custom settings to your field.

  7. Click Save to apply changes to your content type.

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