It’s the summer of GraphQL livestreams at Contentful

Make sure to keep an eye out for GraphQL livestreams at Contentful.
August 7, 2020


Ever since we announced the Contentful Community edition, the Contentful DevRel team has been hard at work collecting your questions with our AMA, celebrating your projects with custom swag and making it easy to learn GraphQL with our new course. To wrap up our GraphQL-focused summer, we’re announcing a series of livestreams to showcase all of the amazing things that you can do with Contentful and GraphQL.

We’re really excited about GraphQL. In a single query, you can ask for exactly what data you want. Applications run faster because compact queries return small responses without unnecessary data. And developers are more productive because GraphQL documents as it goes. 

For the next eight weeks, we’ll hop on YouTube to host live streams with our colleagues and friends to talk about our favorite projects, share our learnings, and even do some livecoding. Check out our schedule and we’ll see you on YouTube!

All of these conversations are going to be fun and help you do more with GraphQL. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell icon to get a notification every time we go live! 

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