The new JavaScript Management SDK

June 1, 2016


Front end

After releasing a new and improved Delivery SDK we gave the same treatment to our Management SDK.

Our JavaScript Management SDK has helped many of our customers create their own scripts and tools to fulfill their more specific needs.

Having learned from the cleanup and improvement work done on the Delivery SDK, we've decided to bring some of the same improvements to our Management SDK. This includes better documentation, improved testing to ensure everything works accordingly, and some newer features and goodies which will help developers having to worry less about some of the more complicated bits of our API.

On top of that, we've also added support for some new features of our API. You can now use the Management SDK to create your own webhooks or custom roles.

Check the new reference documentation to see all the available functionality.

And if you are already a user of the older version of the SDK, the migration guide will give you more specific details on some of the changes and how you can update your code.

As usual, you can look at the code, let us know of any issues and suggest your own improvements.

Front end
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