Seamless ecommerce with Contentful and SAP Commerce Cloud

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June 11, 2021


Portaltech Reply connects people with commerce. And connecting Contentful and SAP Commerce Cloud to offer their customers the best in ecommerce marks their best decision yet. With Contentful on the front end converting visitors into customers with up-to-date product content and SAP Commerce Cloud on the backend to complete orders or assist customers with self-developed functionalities, the ecommerce process operates seamlessly.

“We’re helping our customers to build commerce platforms and also to bring these platforms forward and to optimize them, for more growth and efficiency” Esther Fesenmeier, managing director at Portaltech Reply, began her talk at the recent Blueprints 2021 conference. “SAP brings a very solid and very powerful platform for ecommerce,” Esther says. “Contentful is a modern and lightweight solution to help not only the IT departments but also marketing and content departments to work with the system very easily, by pushing content in a multichannel ecommerce system in the channels you wanted to have them.”

Creating a process that puts customers first

Reply puts customers first. The company started in 1997 with 83 employees and sales at $5.9 million. It continued to put customers first now that it employs 9,000 people with sales at $1.1 billion in 2020. Reply has Italian roots and now has offices in 33 cities, serving customers in the US, UK, Brazil, Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, Belarus, Poland, Romania, India and China. Reply handles everything from industrial systems to energy ecosystems, retail, healthcare, telecom and media, manufacturing and financial services. 

Reply is a Silver Partner with Contentful and a Gold Partner with SAP. Reply’s development team understood the capabilities of both Contentful and SAP Commerce Cloud to deliver the streamlined ecommerce process that Reply’s customers needed. 

Contentful, the content platform of choice

Reply excels with ecommerce and optimization, but they are more than just commerce. Business consulting, headless solutions, commerce implementation, breaking into other areas of expertise such as apps, process design, digital strategy, business strategy, marketing cloud, sales cloud, customer data cloud and so on, are all services that Reply offers.

This is where connecting Contentful and the SAP Commerce Cloud come into play. With SAP’s new Angular front end, named Spartacus, an API-first approach was finally possible. Reply explained at the conference that this allowed a microservice architecture without vendor limitations, faster publishing and the SAP Commerce Cloud for extensive and high-performing online sales.

SAP Commerce Cloud to complete the sales

The SAP Commerce Cloud came about in 2015 when SAP purchased Hybris and transferred it into the cloud, where it has been a leader in digital commerce for the past six years. It has outstanding customizable capabilities for all sectors and commerce cases (B2B and B2C), pre-integration with S/4 HANA and is high performance.

The SAP Commerce connector is now a ready-to-use app in Contentful.

To learn more about the SAP Commerce Cloud Connector, watch our webinar Connect the best: Contentful with SAP Commerce Cloud for agile ecommerce.

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