Pro bono publico: Contentful is proud to support ShareTheMeal

November 17, 2015


If a cab can be ordered with a single tap, it should be just as simple to donate money to those in need of food. This very idea lies at the heart of ShareTheMeal, a mobile app for donating money to children in hunger, worldwide.

ShareTheMeal is an initiative of United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the largest humanitarian organization in the world fighting hunger. About 1.8 million meals have been shared since the domestic launch of the app in Germany, Austria and Switzerland a few weeks ago. The app launched globally on November 12, 2015, and has already attracted a lot of attention.

Their calculations show that meals for one child for one day cost $0.50 (USD) on average, and all that's required to contribute is exactly one tap on the screen. ShareTheMeal enables anyone to donate money without having to put too much effort into charity fund research and administrative work. One smartphone, one app, fifty cents, one less hungry child.

We encourage you to take a minute and participate in this genuine gesture of humanism – if everyone does that, the impact would be enormous.

Although its primary value is in simplifying donations, ShareTheMeal app happens to contain a lot of content, too. In fact, all the content of each in-app campaign is translated into 8 languages. A lot of work! This content collection has to be somehow created and managed, so the team behind ShareTheMeal talked to us to find out if Contentful would be a good fit. Everything worked well, and we're honestly proud to serve this good purpose.

The ShareTheMeal team also asked if we would consider some special pricing terms, since this is a non-profit project. We did. We thought that we should support this noble initiative – and future noble initiatives – by establishing a Pro bono subscription plan: our services for ShareTheMeal are free of charge. Now any non-profit organization or non-commercial initiative can get a free Pro account, given that they are building something for public good. If you believe that your project falls into this category, we'll be glad to host it, too – please get in touch.

Finally – please don't forget to share the meal. It feels good to make a difference, even just the slightest one.

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