Three new case studies on replatforming with Contentful

Three fresh case studies on replatforming with Contentful
December 22, 2021


Replatforming — the process of moving content from one system to another — doesn’t have to be a painful rip and replace. With the right content solution it's an exciting opportunity to open up content bottlenecks, streamline operations and make the whole content management process easier and faster. The end result leaves teams feeling like part of a symphony orchestra, cueing content up in the right place, at the right time, in harmony across digital products and channels.

To reach this level of seamless content orchestration, teams need an API-first content platform that connects all the tools they use, including legacy tools and future technologies. Contentful does just that. Read on to learn about three customers who chose Contentful as their content platform to the delight of their content teams and developers. These three very different customers are using Contentful’s powerful APIs, app framework and app marketplace to scale and grow their digital presence faster.

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Costa Coffee keeps their digital experiences fresh with a fast, flexible content platform

In 2019, on the heels of an acquisition by Coca-Cola, Costa Coffee had the opportunity to switch up its tech stack and digital governance. They could move to Coca-Cola’s well-known, heavily supported legacy CMS or pitch a different, brand-specific content solution to its new owners. Concerned that a legacy system might limit their ability to express their bold brand voice, the engineers at Costa Coffee opted to build a new tech stack with Contentful’s content platform at the center.

The new platform would need to support plans to expand into American and Japanese markets, as well as their goal to tailor content in established markets across Europe, the Middle East and APAC. Costa’s team took advantage of Contentful’s API-first approach to pull in the best tools for each job. 

In addition to Contentful, Costa’s tech stack includes (but is not limited to) the following technologies: Akamai, Buddy, JavaScript, Netlify, Google Maps, Google Translate, Adobe Target, Adobe Data, GraphQL and Storybook. Contentful’s API-first approach and app marketplace makes it easy to add or replace tools as needs arise in the future. 

“We work as a group. We design with and learn from each other so it’s really important that every person has access to the tools and team members they need to get the project done,” says Sezin Cagil, agile delivery manager with Costa Coffee. This approach is serving them well. They’ve launched 15 localized, brand-consistent websites and can build region-specific sites in just 15 minutes. Read the case study to learn how Costa Coffee accelerated their localization strategy on a global scale.

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HABA FAMILYGROUP: Replacing a content management system should come with rewards, not more maintenance

As a company that creates high-quality products that support early-childhood development, the HABA FAMILYGROUP knows a bit about the importance of rewarding a job well done. Faced with the need to replatform, they didn’t want to replace one high-maintenance system with another. Where’s the fun in that? Developers and creatives wanted a tech stack that would promote productivity — they didn’t want to spend so much time and money maintaining systems without the reward of stability and consistency. 

The solution was to skip the typical rip-and-replace approach and integrate a headless content platform, Contentful, with other technologies to create a stack unique to the organization. With a small developer team, they appreciated Contentful’s easy integration with Agolia. Contentful’s structured content also made it easy to implement personalization plans with Dynamic Yield, enabling them to pair chunks of content with audience segments.

The new API-first content platform is supporting omnichannel campaigns, increasing internal knowledge through a new knowledge base and enabling expansive personalization. What’s more, the HABA FAMILYGROUP can replicate this integrated approach across other brands, further accelerating their digital success. Read the case study to see how Contentful helped HABA FAMILYGROUP bring disjointed tech tools together for ecommerce success.

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Danone extended their use of Contentful and cut their launch time in half

With a large array of food and beverage products sold internationally in 120 markets, Danone faces a difficult task in centralizing its brands, assets and processes across multiple digital channels. The global company was already using Contentful as its content platform and digital asset management system Adobe Experience Manager for its dairy brands, when it sought to modernize one of its brand websites, YoPRO, a new line of healthy snacks.

Instead of replatforming with another system, they decided to extend the use of Contentful and Adobe with the support of Amsterdam-based agency AKQA. Using the codebase and design system used for Activia’s website — one of Danone’s yogurt brands, built on Contentful — AKQA built a new site for YoPRO in just two months. Half the time it took to build the Activia site.

Learn how AKQA used Contentful’s easy API-first integrations, customizations and structured content to build a central design system that Danone’s brand teams can use to quickly build new sites. Read the case study.

Contentful’s API-first content platform is purpose-built for creating omnichannel digital experiences. The platform helps digital teams innovate, iterate and go to market faster with an agile, modern tech stack that integrates seamlessly with ecommerce tools. Visit the Contentful Marketplace to see these integrations, and read our customer use cases to learn more about how Contentful can help your organization grow its digital footprint.

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