TELUS redefined its customer care experience with lightning fast, digital support

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Main Challenges

  • Create a comprehensive governance program to scale across every line of business responsible for producing and updating customer-facing content

  • Maintain style and brand consistency with the new support experience and

  • Organize the existing knowledge base of thousands of articles and videos that were entangled in a proprietary legacy CMS

  • Remap content geography to enable site visitors to seamlessly discover content on the support portal

  • Centralize the authoring and publishing workflows from multiple systems to one cohesive process


  • 9.2% decrease in visitors entering the website at the Contact Us page

  • 10% increase in article traffic from within the website

  • 10.2% decrease in support visitors that go to the Contact Us page

  • 17.5% increase in article traffic from organic search

  • 100% increase in visits from the Contact Us page to the TELUS support experience

  • 9% reduction in overall support costs

Project Story

It was time for a change

Content was at the core of overcoming this complex challenge, so new content production ramped up in an attempt to solve the increase in customer support calls. However, this spike in content creation from multiple departments also lead to more challenges:

  • Misleading names for categories and subcategories

  • A lack of consistency in tone, structure and titling across support articles

  • Support articles that contradicted each other

  • Semantically different issues being addressed in the same article

  • Users were oversaturated with too much content

TELUS needed to create a seamless user experience for support visitors. To make that happen, TELUS invested in Contentful’s content infrastructure — a scalable, lightning fast, customer focused solution.

The core components of implementing content infrastructure consisted of a product design refresh, a new content strategy and a streamlined content migration.

The breakdown

  1. Product design refresh — An entirely new user experience makes it seamless for users to easily discover support content across multiple touchpoints, including pages outside of TELUS Support. The new design included a new way of guiding users through the support experience, updated categorization, and an article design that made it easier to consume content.

  2. Content strategy — A detailed content governance strategy now guides content owners and producers on how to categorize, present and update content within the new TELUS Support experience. This governance strategy also included instructions on how to optimize content for organic search, to discoverability.

  3. Content migration — TELUS’ preferred stack includes a universal JavaScript application with an isometric React presentation layer as a foundation. Developing a redesigned experience that aligned to the TELUS look and feel was relatively straightforward, but migrating content en mass was a real challenge. Armed with this analysis, these entities were modeled in Contentful. This provided a well-structured, but empty, repository for content. Contentful’s Content Management API allowed TELUS to programmatically upload content into the new repository.

Content infrastructure creates happy customers

Investing in content infrastructure helped TELUS reach major milestones, including:

  • Operational efficiency through content management, curation, and technical maintenance

  • Alignment with latest technology stack, creating fewer redundant systems

  • Compliance with the current and evolving brand, accessibility and security standards

  • Infrastructure that supports new device and application types

  • Future-proofed architecture that’s ready to adapt and grow

TELUS significantly reduced overall customer support costs and achieved a 100% increase in visits from the contact us page to the TELUS Support experience. These results are incredible — but the real winners are TELUS’ customers, who are now empowered to answer their own questions on their terms, through any device, at any time.

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