Contentful Developers Meetup Stockholm

Two talks about building projects with Contentful, and time to share ideas with other developers using Contentful

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Contentful Meetup

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April 17, 2018
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM CET

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Description & schedule

If you have a project you'd like to share, let us know

Learn how other developers are using Contentful to build digital products at our 3rd Developers Meetup in Stockholm. As always, we will provide plenty of free food and drinks 🍻.


6:30 PM: Doors open. Our team will be there to welcome you.

7:00 PM: 🗣 Contentful + Hugo - A static front with dynamic content - Jörgen Nilsson

A solution that allows you to have a static front using Hugo and highly dynamic content using Contentful leveraging the Node eco system to go from JSON to Markdown to HTML.

7:30 PM: 🗣 Making static websites dynamic with serverless - Rouven Weßling

Static websites have recently gained a lot of popularity and static site builders have become mature tools to build websites. Static websites are secure, reliable, easy to scale and require little maintenance. But static doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes we need to have a full-text search, an interface for editors who can’t work with git, or an even an online shop. At this point, the obvious solution is to turn to a CMS or to write an application that renders pages dynamically for each visitor. In the process, we have to work with all the problems of a traditional web application.

In this talk, Rouven will give an overview how serverless technologies can be used to cover these dynamic use-cases without sacrificing the advantages of a static site.

8:00 PM: 👋 Meet other developers using Contentful

Loud & clear: Our speakers

Rouven Weßling

Developer Relations, Contentful

Rouven Weßling

Web developer, Open Source aficionado, scotch lover, runner. Currently spreading the PHP love at Contentful. Can be bribed with cake.

Jörgen Nilsson

Web Developer

Jörgen Nilsson

Creative developer with a passion for web publishing and newbie gopher.

This event has ended!

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