White paper

Blueprint for the modern website

An insider’s guide to deploying content infrastructure

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Companies have approached websites the same way for years. They spend a great deal of time and energy building one, only to sideline it after launch. A “completed” website project starts the clock ticking toward the site’s eventual obsolescence.

Websites must now constantly evolve to keep up with audience demands, no matter their device, language or location. Developers and content creators are turning to content infrastructure platforms such as Contentful to deliver these ever-changing experiences.

These new platforms provide flexible APIs and serverless architecture so teams can ship faster, launch timely campaigns, and never get bogged down by the limitations of traditional CMS.

This white paper walks you through what content infrastructure can do for your business:

  • Learn how Contentful’s powerful APIs allow developers and content creators to deliver website improvements faster.
  • Discover how to build and manage your own content infrastructure using Contentful.
  • Understand how content modeling can create structured chunks of content that behave exactly as you need them to.