Contentful App Framework

Building blocks for your digital experience platform

The market moves too fast to know now what tools you’ll need to build digital experiences tomorrow. You've already invested a lot of time and money into your existing stack. With Contentful’s App Framework, connecting to any service is a snap — whether it’s other cloud vendors or your own custom-built integrations.

Don’t let your CMS dictate your tech stack

The App Framework lets you use your favorite tools and frameworks and easily connect them to a single, unified content platform.

Cut through content silos with Contentful

You’re probably already managing a portfolio of tools on top of your CMS that need access to content for experimentation, asset management, ecommerce and more. 

Too often, this leads to duplicate content, unnecessary manual steps and unstable workarounds for integrating these services.

Programmatically scale your integrations

Automate delivery cycles to keep developers and editors moving fast. Get more out of your existing tech stack investments by connecting them to an ecosystem to reign in digital sprawl.

Integrate your technology ecosystem

Connect content between all your existing and future systems on a single content platform, with one set of APIs and one unified system of record.

Build functionality that scales

Our API-first approach makes it easy to create and replicate apps across your organization, saving resources normally wasted on single-use, maintenance-heavy integrations.

Empower your editors

Make context-switching between services a thing of the past. Deliver more consistent content and brand experiences by incorporating all apps in one editorial UI — a single authoring hub for the enterprise.

Apps integrate any service

Connect other cloud services to your content, whether for optimization, deployment and delivery, analytics or collaboration. Add an app just once and give teams across your organization access to new capabilities.

Framework to create your own custom apps

Equipping developers to build bespoke apps faster

Not every business need has a pre-packaged solution, so we made it easy to build and deliver new functionality across your organization within Contentful:

App APIs define installation and integration programmatically
Open-sourced example apps provide blueprints for building your own
Libraries provide ready-to-use functionalities for the most common categories
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