From Instagram phenomenon to a cult fashion brand


Selling beauty products and fashion online is hard — unless you’re Glossier. The US-based, direct-to-consumer beauty company has a cult following among millennials, and recently expanded beyond its home market to Canada and the UK. In the past year, Glossier has tripled its revenue and now generates more sales revenue per square foot than the average Apple store.

Well-designed products, savvy marketing and strategic hiring have all contributed to Glossier’s success. This webinar focuses specifically on the organizational decisions and technology choices that helped Glossier win over young audiences and scale its online operations. Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • How to replatform your legacy website

  • The technical architecture powering Glossier website and how it evolved

  • Relying on internal development team vs. hiring outside contractors

  • Bridging the editorial-engineering divide

  • Running A/B tests, localizing content, and more

The webinar guest is Glossier CTO Bryan Mahoney, who architected and led the transition to their current technology stack.

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Recorded on
12 December 2018
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Artas Bartas
Artas Bartas
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Bryan Mahoney
Chief Technology Officer,

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