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Is monolithic architecture hurting your sales?

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Accelerate Developer and Editor Productivity with a Speed-Oriented Architecture

TUI Nordic is a part of the world's largest travel company. To keep content up-to-date across country-specific websites, TUI Nordic deploys content dozens of times per day, from small tasks like copy edits or adding an extension, to shipping a new page. This was part of a broader initiative to transition from a monolithic platform based on a handful of large solutions, to a more agile architecture consisting of 160+ microservices.

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Orchestrate, personalize and optimize for each customer

Merchandisers rejoice — industry-leading content infrastructure is here. Contentful plays well with both your product information and commerce tooling.

Tui saw bounce rates decrease by 31% and mobile conversion increase by 11% with Agile eCommerce powered by Contentful.

The possibilities are endless: Spin up seasonal lookbooks as quickly as trends are made or seamlessly link product catalogs to customer segments. Enrich product information with marketing messages to decrease cart abandonment and increase lifetime customer value.

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