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September 7, 2021



Oh my, so many great things happened this month that I hardly know where to start.

But first, you may know that we had a call for papers for our annual conference Fast Forward. Thank you to all the people who submitted their talk ideas. You rock! We're busy looking at the proposals and will get back to you shortly!

If you're looking for new developer resources, we redesigned our developer portal and shipped new features covering content modeling, webhooks and the App Framework. It's great stuff, so make sure to read the changelog below!

Are you ready for all this? I'll let you read, and I’ll go back to reading all these great talk ideas. Have a great month!


Our annual conference, Fast Forward 2021 by Contentful

It's time to come together again. Our virtual conference Fast Forward will take place November 3–5. Sign up for free to learn how developers, builders and creators change the way we’re building products and websites. I can't wait to see all of you there! Sign up for Fast Forward.

Contentful corner

Webinar: Stop worrying and start shipping with structured content

Get ready, friends! Join Salma and me on Thursday, September 23 at 8 a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. CEST to learn how structured content makes your apps and websites stronger, scalable and more resilient. If you’ve ever suffered from an unusable mess of content or delayed content creation and releases, this webinar is for you! 

How to build a project using Vue.js and Contentful

Our newest DevRel team member, Brittany, published her first tutorial explaining how to build a website using Contentful and Vue.js. If Vue's your jam, this tutorial is for you! 

Learn with Jason: Next.js Dynamic Routes With Contentful's GraphQL API

Mark your calendar! Salma will join the "Learn with Jason" Show on October 5, 2021. They'll talk about Contentful, Next.js and GraphQL. It'll be a lot of fun and many corgis are guaranteed in this show!

Build with Next.js

Speaking of Next.js: Salma also participated in the "Build with Next.js" Netlify event. Have fun listening to great talks and learn how Cassidee and Salma "surf the web."

Give us feedback!

Are you a Contentful power user who wants a look backstage? Be a part of our research panel and get the opportunity to take part in our internal product development and research projects. You’ll be able to influence our products and share your thoughts with us. Sign up today!

Links we like

Migrating Notion's marketing site to Next.js

Our friends at Notion shared their journey of migrating their marketing website to Next.js. It's a great read that explains how modern software architecture can help solve the problem of content management.

A website in VS Code style

Let me tell you; there are few things better than a creative blog. Tania Rascia blew me away with her VS Code website design. It's so good! (I might be a bit jealous of it.)

Beautiful, configurable backgrounds

Are you occasionally looking for beautiful backgrounds to include in your designs? Haikei is a handy background configurator providing you circles, gradients, waves and more. Download the backgrounds as PNG or SVG.


Increased app limits

For the App Framework developers: Team and Premium customers will now be able to install up to 50 apps per environment (up from 10) and to create up to 250 custom apps per organization (up from 10).

Default values for entry fields

Have you ever wanted to define default values for specific fields when building up your content model? I did and have exciting news: you can now specify default values for Boolean, Plain text, List, Number and Date fields!

New contextual App event and webhook headers on content events

We enriched App events with new headers. If you want to implement logic that depends on what triggered the webhook (a bulk action, scheduled action or release), you can now do that!

Webhooks for releases, scheduled actions and bulk actions

Speaking of bulk actions and releases: we went even further and implemented new webhooks for releases, bulk actions and scheduled actions.

That’s it for September! Visit our new developer portal to stay up to date. It includes developer blog posts, videos and our newsletter. Let us know via Slack or Twitter how we can continue to help you make awesome things.

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