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One of the problems that we come across again and again when talking about Contentful to new people, is the desire to see one "correct" way of using our CMS. "Is it the best-fit for running a blog?" "Would you recommend it for serving images to apps?" "Is anybody using Contentful to feed content into node.js applications yet?" These questions are echoed by corporate VPs, managers from digital agencies, and independent developers alike.

This is where we thought that the best way to answer your questions is to highlight how our actual customers are using Contentful. And using it they are - from prototyping new platforms for curated content to re-launching traditional publications in a mobile format as well as simplifying content creation, improving image handling across platforms and making their apps run faster.

Reading about these experiments is fascinating in and of itself, but we also believe that seeing what some of the most innovative teams are up to, is bound to give you a few ideas about how to overcome some common obstacles in creating a better, faster and more reliable user experience.

So with this in mind, today we unveil the Customers page on our website. That is where you will find the latest case studies, reference clients or read what our users have to say about Contentful. Since we introduce ourselves as a future friendly company, we'd like to start with the story from Tokyo - the city that always seems to arrive in the future a few years ahead of anybody else.

Contentful customer story: How ASICS & AQ make marathon racing more engaging

Each year, ASICS, a leading manufacturer of athletic gear, sponsors more than 60 marathons around the world. To make the experience of running a marathon more enjoyable ASICS decided to roll out companion apps for marathon runners providing useful tips, gear advice and logistical information about the race. The company turned to AQ, an innovative design agency based in Tokyo, to bring this concept to live.

Preparing the content for the marathon apps involves a lot of coordination. ASICS representatives communicate with organizational committees to obtain logistical details. AQ project team also works with different departments within ASICS to incorporate fitness tips, nutritional advice and practical checklists into the app.

As the date of the race approaches, the AQ team typically goes through multiple content revisions incorporating last-minute logistical changes and updating the gear section with event-related merchandise. "Initially, we managed this workflow with emails and spreadsheets," says AQ partner Paul Baron, "but as the number of apps and supported platforms grew, we realized that production flow needed to be upgraded."

"We wanted to move to a robust, flexible platform that would help us easily manage content. Contentful matched all our criteria and we found working with the system to be very straightforward. But where Contentful really surpassed our expectation was when our client team at ASICS started using and got up to speed in no time," continued Paul Baron.

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Please note that we will continue adding customer stories to capture many ways in which Contentful CMS and API are used around the world. If you would like to share your story, just say hi to us!

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