Introducing the Contentful partner program: Expanding your business with Contentful has never been easier

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April 15, 2020


The world of digital experiences changes at a startling pace. Not so long ago, building digital experiences only required you to think about how to make a program work on a desktop and tablet. When I started working, all I had to do was figure out how to get this new Flash player to work. Now, my family streams 4K on four different types of devices in one home for weeks while we shelter in place.

My name is Kevin Zellmer, and I’m pleased to introduce you to our partner program here at Contentful. We are excited about enabling our customers to achieve their goals within the Contentful ecosystem. We partner with companies and agencies to help them create those digital experiences that keep users informed, entertained, engaged and buying.

Stacks over suites

At Contentful, we believe that technology moves too fast for a single suite to meet everyone’s  needs. Take our retailer customers for example. The most successful ones use a collection of ecommerce tools that meet their unique needs. They might have an ecommerce engine, a digital asset management system (DAM), a marketing automation system, hosting services and optimization tools, just to name a few types of services — all of which come from different vendors. There are dozens of ways our retail customers can customize their web stack. 

Contentful is explicitly designed to integrate with other tools. It’s seamless with Contentful, thanks to the App Framework. The Marketplace lets you install pre-built apps to extend your Contentful experience (no developer needed!), and our resources can guide you through building apps on your own.

Working with partners enables us to empower customers to build the stack that works best for them. 

The Contentful partner program

Contentful has been building partnerships for some time. (Thank you to all our partners thus far!) This year, we’re formalizing the program to make it even easier to expand and participate in the Contentful ecosystem.

Partnering with Contentful helps agencies and vendors expand their businesses and open new revenue opportunities. We’ll help you develop a profitable business, using Contentful to accomplish more for your customers while saving on resources. Partners have access to a comprehensive collection of technical, sales, and marketing resources to grow their customer base. You’ll be able to grow with Contentful, and choose the right partnership level along the way. 

Our partnership team is divided into four groups. Our solution partners work with agencies and consultants that use Contentful to create meaningful digital experiences and web products for their clients. We’re teaming up with them to develop go-to-market plans and build solutions for joint customers. Our technology partners collaborate with software vendors to build integrations that solve customers’ technical problems. These partnerships help customers work more efficiently, and it’s pretty great to see people react when they realize what’s possible. The marketing and enablement teams coordinate to make all this happen.

Contentful partner program on the blog 

Our team will be sharing our experiences on the Contentful blog as we enable partners to build better experiences. We’ll feature our partners and the great work they do with Contentful for their customers. In doing so, we want to change the way people think about content and how to leverage content effectively. 

Our goal is to share stories of what’s possible with Contentful, along with best practices and advice that enables us all to succeed. If you have topics that you’d like us to write about, please send them to us! Speak with someone on our team to learn more about how you can partner with Contentful.

Thanks for being part of this journey. 

Be safe, and cheers,


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