Case study: Case Study: The British Museum

How the world's busiest museum
builds digital products faster


With 6 million visitors a year, the British Museum is one of the most visited museums in the world. Its vast collection of artifacts - ranging from Egyptian mummies and Parthenon sculptures, to Japanese photobooks and bitcoin wallets - is curated by several dozen teams who create on-site and traveling exhibitions, educate the public online, and contribute to academic research. Individual artifacts might be featured in many collections, but no two projects are alike.

The scale and diversity of the Museum's digital experiences extended beyond the capabilities of traditional content management systems, requiring its technology team to embrace a platform-agnostic approach to content. Powered by Contentful, the Museum has solved two fundamental challenges of digital publishing. For visitors, it now has a platform capable of powering its entire portfolio of digital projects: audio guides, interactive displays, websites, and more. One central content hub feeds all channels. And behind the scenes, it has a flexible editing app that can be customized to the specific needs and preferences of each curation team.

As a result, the technology team can bring new projects to life three to four times faster, while easily incorporating new frameworks and technologies, and integrating outside collaborators into its projects.

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