Motor vehicle manufacturer BRP uses AR to inspire a new generation of riders to hit the open road

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Main Challenges

  • Lacked the tools to build a digital experience that combined content and augmented reality

  • A fast-approaching product launch demanded a timely build and deployment of new AR features


  • Experienced solution partner Nascent supported the AR build to achieve the best result possible

  • An easy to use content editor allows marketing teams to make, preview and publish content updates independent of developers

  • Cloud-native storage supports images and content for 70K product combinations with no impacts on site performance

"Nascent truly has its finger on the pulse of modern digital experiences that appeal to today’s fickle consumers. Its recommendation to build these products on top of Contentful was a no-brainer given the scale and complexity that we were dealing with.”

Robert Gillelan, Project Manager Professional


Project Story

Reimagining the audience experience with modern content technology and AR

One of the brands in BRP’s portfolio is Can-Am, a manufacturer of three-wheeled motorcycles designed for gravel and paved use. Since the delivery of the first Can-Am Spyder in 2007, the motorcycle has been a hit with riders all over the world.

But long-term success depends on continually engaging new audiences and inspiring the next generation of Can-Am enthusiasts. BRP needed a way to communicate the unique thrill of riding a Can-Am motorcycle to younger riders.

In order to transcend the industry norm to stand out from the competition, BRP worked with Contentful solution partner Nascent, a strategic agency specializing in creating digital products and experiences that people love.

BRP wanted an immersive, digital onsite experience that brings to life the excitement and sense of adventure a three-wheeled motorcycle can offer. Such an application would need to load fast while still containing the vast amounts of data required to show the 70,000+ combinations of customized features.

Bringing the cutting edge into vehicle sales

The team at Nascent realized that the key to any successful digital experience is the underlying content management infrastructure. Given the scale and complexity of its AR strategy with BRP, Nascent brought in Contentful to serve as the content management system with which to build these digital experiences and help BRP realize its vision for an AR showroom.

“Nascent truly has their finger on the pulse of modern digital experiences that appeal to today’s fickle consumers,” said Robert Gillelan, Project Management Professional at BRP. “Their recommendation to build these products on top of Contentful was a no-brainer given the scale and complexity that we were dealing with.”

Agile content architecture that hits all the marks

The result was an application for iOS and Android that placed a Can-Am showroom in the palm of a customer’s hand, giving them the freedom to customize their bike without stores having to stock endless customizable parts.

Nascent’s deep expertise in building augmented reality experiences, paired with Contentful’s sleek content management platform, enabled them to deliver an unparalleled onsite experience — allowing people to customize a Can-Am Ryker and watch the motorcycle come to life in full-size, 3D AR. The digital images of the motorcycles can be shared on social media and placed in the user's real environment, such as driveways, garages or even living rooms.

Unlocking innovation through content management

BRP’s development team used Contentful spaces as agile building blocks for their onsite experience. Spaces allow organizations to host content-powering digital products and to collaborate on content across teams. At BRP, spaces fit perfectly into their existing software development pipeline and mirrored their actual build process. This enabled their team to be productive very quickly without having to set up separate environments.

Contentful also enabled BRP to create a highly engaging experience for its end users through content localization and personalization. For target audiences that spoke French, English, Japanese, or German, users could to select specific locales when querying the Content Delivery API and deliver the right localized content to the right people.

The Content Delivery API enabled teams to deliver content that optimized the entire user experience — from signing up to using the app to create an immersive model design experience.

Last, with Contentful’s integrations, the BRP team was able to easily integrate Contentful with components of the app, which include Apple AR Core 2 and ViroCore AR Kit — all with a small team strapped for resources.

Mission accomplished

By partnering with Nascent and Contentful, BRP was able to quickly build and deploy a game-changing onsite experience, successfully launch its new product, and build out a roadmap of experiences that will serve its customers for years to come.

BRP isn't the only enterprise to trust and use Contentful to build cutting-edge onsite experiences. Learn more about our onsite experiences solution and why Contentful is trusted by some of the world’s most storied brands to seamlessly display and rapidly update digital signage.

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