HABA FAMILYGROUP boosts productivity & customer delight with hybrid content solution

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Main Challenges

  • Non-intuitive, static ecommerce marketplace led to low order rates and decreasing sales

  • Poor content management required extensive maintenance and prohibited content reuse

  • Monolithic CMS led to inconsistent content and restrictions in experimentation


  • An intuitive, mobile-friendly architecture to increase sales

  • A unified content hub that supports content reuse with minimal developer dependence

  • Easy integrations that enable personalization and introduction of a knowledge base

Project Story

With content solutions, many companies feel pulled in an “either-or” direction, forced to choose between something headless or monolithic. What they’re unaware of is that there’s a grey area. It’s one that German, family-owned, multi-brand company, HABA FAMILYGROUP is experimenting with in regards to online shopping experiences for JAKO-O, one of its children’s fashion and toy brands. 

Instead of trading out their monolithic content management system for an entirely new one, HABA FAMILYGROUP integrated headless content platform, Contentful, and other technologies to create a tech stack unique to the organization. And, while their stack is still being tweaked to get the results HABA FAMILYGROUP is looking for, the company is already enjoying positive movement in important KPIs including average order value and conversion rates.

Making the project a family affair with implementation partners  

With 80 years of experience creating high-quality products that support early-childhood development, HABA FAMILYGROUP is no stranger to change — the company has expanded its headquarters, grown its team and introduced new brands. The company wanted to apply this organization-wide agility and scalability to JAKO-O’s ecommerce site which “had been losing sales for several years,” according to Henrik Fischer, head of customer experience at HABA FAMILYGROUP.

“The most customer-friendly environment is mobile — which we were struggling to participate in. We had to change something if we wanted an architecture set up for the future,” said Henrik. HABA FAMILYGROUP’s goals didn’t stop there though — the company wanted to increase conversion rates, average order value, repurchase rates and customer satisfaction while decreasing bounce rates. Such ambition demanded more expertise than HABA FAMILYGROUP had in-house — the company was happy to make the project a family affair.

To build the right platform and optimize it fully, HABA FAMILYGROUP recruited Portaltech Reply as an implementation partner. Portaltech Reply specialized in ideating and implementing headless commerce and cloud-based commerce architectures with Contentful, SAP Commerce, Spartacus, Dynamic Yield and Algolia. With this partner, HABA FAMILYGROUP could break ground on their project immediately— it didn’t have to go through a strenuous hiring process to find platform strategists or train developers on the newly selected technology.

MACH architecture and knowledge bases maximize ecommerce productivity

With a team assembled, HABA FAMILYGROUP began considering how the technology and architecture it envisioned could support internal team members, in addition to improving KPIs. Developers and creatives wanted a tech stack that would promote productivity — they didn’t want to spend so much time and money maintaining systems without the reward of stability and consistency. 

This seemingly tall order was filled by Contentful, HABA FAMILYGROUP’s chosen content platform which came highly recommended by Portaltech Reply. The solution partner recognized that the content platform would fit the aforementioned needs in addition to any future ones as Contentful is modern, lightweight, extensible and scalable. 

For a B2B and B2C company that’s gone from local to global, offering products in Europe, Asia and North America, options to scale for new markets and whatever projects arise is crucial. Less time spent traversing detached tools means JAKO-O team members can focus on creating and delivering timely, diversified content to its consumers.

A content management platform supports brand consistency

There’s just one thing more time-consuming than jumping through disjointed tech tools and that’s maintaining them (and the assets they house). “Maintenance is an expense, especially for content — which is where we want to be smarter, faster, have new functionalities and increase system stability,” shared Henrik. With universal content, which editorial teams can easily contribute and maintain, there is less developer dependence and work required in this area across the board. 

Improved content reusability is another benefit HABA FAMILYGROUP has seen in this process. Previously, JAKO-O campaign content had to be copied and pasted across channels and CMSes, bogging down editorial calendars and inviting errors that could hurt the brand. With a single content hub, JAKO-O now launches multichannel campaigns easily and quickly. There’s greater clarity surrounding content, where it’s being promoted and how its results impact business goals.

In addition to supporting omnichannel campaigns, HABA FAMILYGROUP’s new technology is making it easier to ensure product information is shared communally. They were able to create an extremely solid knowledge base which allowed team members within the enterprise to search for content internally.

Providing accurate information to team members helps them better educate and support customers.  Great customer service can encourage word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat purchases — some positives HABA FAMILYGROUP will likely enjoy down the road.

Easy integrations make for expansive personalization

Like other companies, HABA FAMILYGROUP saw value in the headless nature of Contentful. “We like being able to choose the best tool on the market for the tasks we’re working on,” Henrick reported. In this instance, Dynamic Yield was the tool needed to get the job done. Without an API-first content platform like Contentful, ideating and acting on personalization plans incorporating Dynamic Yield would have been much less streamlined and more development-dependent. With a developer team of just a dozen, Contentful’s easy integration with Agolia was also appreciated. 

JAKO-O’s microservice stack, which includes Dynamic Yield, Algolia and Contentful, is capable of powering supportive, expansive and individualized customer experiences. Contentful’s structured content makes it easy for Dynamic Yield to pull chunks of content away from context and them pair them with audience segments.

There’s the possibility to do even more than speaking to individual customers, though. HABA FAMILYGROUP can link products to unique content that answers questions or provides additional information, like a blog. In uniting these technologies with Contentful, HABA FAMILYGROUP is setting up JAKO-O for ecommerce success, something the company might choose to replicate across other brands.

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