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reduction in technical debt after consolidation of CMSes


content velocity as a competitive differentiator as the authority in the styling domain


CMSes now spend less time synching content together for consistency
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Main Challenges

  • A single repository for all content entries

  • Multi-device support out of the box

  • Reduced dependencies on Engineering to ship content


  • Reduced technical debt by eliminating need for multiple siloed CMSes

  • Creation of a single repository for all drafted and published content

  • Push-button deployment for marketing team

Project Story

The Trunk Club team decided to take a cue from their company’s stylists. Rather than choosing an out-of-the-box CMS that would make their style guides and advice look like Yet Another Fashion Site, they built something completely fresh and new. Trunk Club chose Contentful to be the heart of the custom-rolled CMS their team uses everyday.

Create content once, publish everywhere.

Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom, and Nordstrom clientele expect an unparalleled online experience. Trunk Club's fashion advice and looks should be just as enjoyable on an Android app as they are on a 27” iMac Display.

Before discovering Contentful, Trunk Club’s team put in a significant amount of work to ensure the consistency of content across multiple devices. The team rolled out several CMSes, including one just for mobile. “The content worked relatively well for the purpose it was built - to be featured on the website, but not much beside that,” says Trunk Club VP of Product Development and Design, Justin Hughes. “As a result, the team introduced a different CMS to manage mobile content once the mobile apps were launched. The two CMSes did not sync in any way, so a group of editors was tasked with maintaining and editing content across these platforms.”

Trunk Club sought a means to end this redundancy forever when they found Contentful. Writers and editors received a simple Content Editor. Developers could then use a RESTful API to convert this text into JSON for both the web and mobile apps. With a single content repository in place, the Trunk Club marketing team could focus on crafting valuable content for each screen size, not on the various CMS technologies they had to accommodate.

Hughes's team began to incorporate Contentful, which runs on AWS, across all of Trunk Club’s tech stacks. By collaborating with the marketing team to build their content data model, the team created fields for long-form web descriptions as well as short-form mobile descriptions of every look, tip, or style.

Shipping the latest fashion trends -- now, straight from Slack

Demand for certain looks can skyrocket after an appearance on the red carpet or celebrity Instagram feeds. It's critical that Trunk Club stays on top of this demand with up-to-date advice, brands, looks, and style.

Before Contentful, Trunk Club’s engineering team deployed every single change to the company's content. Not only was it a bottleneck for writers -- it served as a consistent distraction for Hughes’s team. “Eventually, the engineering team decided that Contentful could be used to relieve them of a burden of publishing content updates,” says Hughes. They integrated it into the staging and production versions of each app. Then, Contentful was integrated into Slack using webhooks.

The marketing team can trigger deploys anytime by typing a simple command in the dedicated channel.

Contentful now plays an integral part of Trunk Club’s marketing strategy.

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