3 Denmark expands product offerings to non-subscribers with Contentful

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Main Challenges

  • Struggled to expand offerings beyond phones/data

  • Updating product catalogs was time-consuming

  • Experienced microservice limitations with their old CMS


  • Expanded their offerings and marketplace to non-subscribers

  • Front-end support from Novataris facilitated quick, attractive updates

  • Utilized integrations to customize tools and capabilities

Ecommerce and digital services are an important part of 3's business. For this reason, we put high demands on suppliers and partners with whom we collaborate.

Morten Storm Lind, Head of Digital

3 Denmark

Project Story

Our cellphones go everywhere with us. To work, to the park and to that far away location you’re planning a trip to next month. They’re extensions of us — and, in this, they’ve become victims to the bumps and bruises of everyday life. Global telecommunication powerhouse, 3 Denmark, is taking advantage of this, expanding its brand and digital strategy to bring cell phone accessories to new markets.

Established in 2003, 3 Denmark was, at first, just a phone and data plan provider. The brand quickly recognized, however, that to stay competitive in a subscription-heavy-based market, attract new customers and increase capital gain, they’d have to do something different. They looked to expand their offerings to provide something new, something subscription-free and highly valued. After determining the what — phone accessories to save our sixth appendage from bumps bruises and the occasional cracked screen — 3 had to address the how. They hoped to share these new products on a streamlined, user-centric ecommerce site that assumed a catalog-like layout.

Building an attractive front-end with Novataris

While building an online product catalog full of cases, screen covers, chargers, headphones and speakers was 3’s ultimate task, the brand didn’t feel it had the in-house team and know-how to deliver on it successfully. The platform had to be two things: eye-catching and user-friendly. An ecommerce site that achieved both would allow customers to sift, sort and shop with ease — it also had the potential to inspire repeat purchases and word-of-mouth recommendations. Taking a step away from either of these goals could result in wasted time and investment, something the brand was not willing to risk.

3 decided to call in the experts — Novataris — to assist in building out their front-end site. With extensive experience in content modeling and technology solution consulting, the Denmark-based IT agency was happy to help. Novataris mixed and matched leading tech stack solutions to build 3 a unique site, anchored by React, Contentful and Node JS and hosted on Azure Kubernetes Service. The site developed from 3’s one-of-a-kind stack delighted customers so much that the brand was able to (and continues to) push past competitors, becoming a recognizable name and attracting the attention of existing subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

If 3 decides to reinvent its site or take on new, diversified tech projects in the future, they have the freedom and flexibility to adjust their stack, introducing or eliminating microservices as needed.

Adopting a flexible and agile content platform 

When it comes to ecommerce, looks aren’t important if pages don’t load quickly and consistently. To really give meaning to Novataris’ front-end work, the agency needed a secure content platform. They looked no further than Contentful. Contentful’s Content Delivery API and cloud-native architecture had the potential to support high traffic from varying global locations, offered rolling deployment and would be easy to pair with other technologies to extend developer and editorial team productivity. These Contentful features also limit spending on server maintenance.

After a quick migration, 3 was up and running. The speed with which they launched their new site is something 3 still enjoys today. Their stack has decreased build and content creation release cycles, helping them to stay relevant in the market and attractive to new customers looking for high-quality products and digital experiences. 

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