Contentful wins the 2020 Proddy Award for Best Website Builder Product

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November 9, 2020


We’re honored to receive the 2020 Proddy Award for Best Website Builder Product! Proddy awards celebrate the best digital products, and winners are selected by public vote. We couldn’t have done it without the input and ongoing feedback from many of you, the builders who use Contentful.

Since the early days, developers have used Contentful to build modern stack websites. As digital experiences evolved, so did their content structure and models, helping businesses deliver content to new types of experiences. Today, Contentful enables digital teams to build and launch a wide range of digital experiences — from chatbots to digital signage to apps for voice assistants, like Alexa.

How we won Proddy’s Best Website Builder Product

As an API-first and developer-first platform, we know that website builders need the right tools to deliver the best websites and other digital experiences. We make this possible via well-documented APIs and CLI migration tooling, as well as open-source SDKs — our Javascript SDK has over 700 stars and is downloaded over 250,000 times per week! We also have an easy-to-use web app that lets content creators get started right out of the box. 

Contentful offers a modular approach that enables builders to adapt the platform to their businesses needs. This provides teams with the flexibility they need to launch impactful digital experiences across their customers' journey. Letting users modify the Contentful editor interface, integrate with third party services and build apps with Contentful’s App Framework empowers teams to assemble the delivery of digital experiences at scale.

Companies like Shiseido Professional use Contentful to power localized websites across the globe. Shiseido Professional’s digital estate covers 12 regional markets across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North and South America. In only five months, R/GA, one of Contentful’s partners, built a complete modern tech stack for Shiseido Professional. Now,  content that used to take a month to publish  takes only minutes — or even seconds.

Bang & Olufsen saw a 60% increase in their ecommerce conversion rate, 13% increase in average order value, three times the conversion rate from online store search and doubled their cart-to-checkout rate after implementing Contentful. 

These are just two of the many examples that demonstrate why Contentful received Proddy’s award for best website builder product this year. But Contentful does more than power websites; it’s the content platform for any digital experience.

Teams use Contentful to deliver content to almost any digital experience you can imagine — including chatbots, Alexa Skills, digital signage, support portals and knowledge bases. One of our engineers in Berlin even uses Contentful to ensure medication stays safely refrigerated in his father’s medical office — all the way in Argentina. 

Integrating or building your own tools with the Contentful App Framework

Our content platform works seamlessly with other tools and services to give you the ultimate flexibility. That includes other products that have won Proddy awards, including Optimizely and Typeform. If you decide in five months (or five years) that you need more functionality in one area, you can simply extend or customize your stack to provide it. Contentful is an open, extensible platform designed to work seamlessly with other best-in-class tools. 

With the Contentful App Framework, you can connect other cloud services to Contentful, whether for optimization, deployment, analytics or collaboration. In the Marketplace, you’ll find popular tools, such as Optimizely and Commerce Layer, ready for installation (no coding skills required!). Add an app just once to give teams across your organization access to new capabilities. 

You can also use the Contentful App Framework to create your own apps. Since not every business need has a pre-packaged solution, we made it easy to build and deliver new functionality across your organization.  

Learn how to manage products and experiences with Contentful

Anyone with a bit of development resources can start building websites and digital experiences that scale for the future. By using flexible and adaptable content models and front-end agnostic frameworks, you can build any kind of digital product or experience for your customers. 

With the Contentful Learning Center, you can find resources to empower your team to build the right long-term skills for success, and get recognized for it with a Contentful certification. Our comprehensive self-service help center ensures editors continue to learn as they move your project into production.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about how Contentful is leading the charge on helping organizations build better digital products — we’re eager to hear from you.

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