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Announced at Spring Launch, the AI Content Generator can quickly create on-brand content, reduce repetitive tasks, and translate content into 95 languages.
May 12, 2023


In previous posts, we went deep on the AI tools available today to help you translate, create, and save time. Let’s take an even closer look with an overview of Contentful’s new AI-enabled tool for busy content teams — the AI Content Generator

Announced as part of Spring Launch last week, the AI Content Generator can quickly produce on-brand content, reduce repetitive tasks like generating SEO keywords, and translate content into more than 95 languages at the click of a button. 

Kalvin Brite, VP Product at Contentful, joins me to shed light on how tools like the AI Content Generator can expand and scale the creation process. And no, because it’s not yet ready to interview people, AI did not generate this post!

How AI and content intersect

AI provides powerful capabilities that can be used in many different sectors to automate, generate, and save time. But for content teams, the prospect of AI is particularly exciting. 

“Content teams get outsized benefits from AI tools available today,” Kalvin said. “Many of the core tasks — generating ideas, creating content, and editing included — can be enhanced by AI right now.”

AI already has many impactful benefits for content teams. These include:

  1. Powerful, machine-generated translations that remove the time and guesswork from understanding how content will look and read across languages.

  2. A solution to the “blank page” problem, kickstarting your creativity by providing ideas and content to inspire and reduce writer’s block.

  3. Reduced manual tasks like generating keywords and SEO tags. AI can analyze and recommend this content, and prevent content creators from needing to switch context.

“Even in the early days of public AI tools, we already see content teams benefitting from an explosion in time-saving technologies,” Kalvin said. 

Content teams can already begin to explore how AI augments how they work. This means that content creators are in the driver’s seat to define when people should create, and when and if AI should be used to enhance the job.

Introducing AI Content Generator

To help Contentful users immediately embrace the power of AI and transform how content teams work, we are pleased to announce the release of Contentful AI Content Generator

Backed by leading AI learning models, AI Content Generator brings the most powerful benefits of AI for content creation into the Contentful platform. The benefits for content teams can be dramatic.

“AI Content Generator opens the door to process transformation for content creators in Contentful,” Kalvin said. 

“These AI-powered tools are no longer novelties that sit outside of your content creation workflow. AI Content Generator brings powerful AI capabilities like translation, content generation, and SEO management directly to your Contentful spaces, giving you all of the benefits of AI for digital teams in one place.”

AI Content Generator enables content creators to access a range of powerful new features in Contentful today. Here are the highlights of what the AI Content Generator can do:

Translate to over 95 languages

AI Content Generator gives you the ability to create localized, multilingual content in seconds. 

While many content creators still use and prefer human-generated translations, using AI to translate can help you see how content looks in different locales so that you can create more inclusive copy and layouts. 

Human-generated or reviewed translations can often understand tone and context better than AI models can, but can be costly and time-consuming to generate. 

With AI Content Generator, you do not have to wait until the last steps of content creation to see how translated content looks, and can affordably translate as much as you need.

“AI-generated translations are not expected to replace humans anytime soon, but tools like AI Content Generator can allow for translation earlier in the content development workflow and can jumpstart the translation process,” Kalvin said. 

“Content creators may want to preview translated content and make adjustments to the content and layout early in the process. By using AI to generate translations earlier in the content creation process, you can catch and resolve potential layout issues far earlier than usual.”

With AI Content Generator, you do not have to wait until the last steps of content creation to see how translated content looks, and can affordably translate as much as you need.

Generate on-brand content and titles

Sometimes the hardest part about creating content is just getting started. 

The “blank page problem” — the idea that a blank page makes it harder to spark your creativity and start generating content — can be a real barrier to efficient and predictable content development. Having just a few sentences or starter ideas can break through the blank page problem and help you get to viable content faster.

“Sometimes a few bullet points with ideas or some descriptive sentences can help me start filling a blank page,” said Kalvin. Instead of agonizing over format, tone, and style, content creators can unleash their creativity sooner. 

AI Content Generator enables you to skip over the procrastination stage and get going immediately. AI Content Generator starts with a description of your brand, including your unique products and solutions, your brand voice and tone, and your brand values. This description is used to generate titles and Rich Text alongside a topic you provide. 

Best of all, you can use the AI Content Generator throughout your content creation process to suggest new topics or refine your copy.

“Your creativity is still in play, but now you have more momentum to create great content,” Kalvin said.

“Generative AI is not meant to replace your unique tone and voice, but to help you take the first step,” he added. And after that first step, you can let human creativity tell engaging and compelling stories.

Sometimes the hardest part about creating content is just getting started. 

Create SEO keywords and descriptions

The success of your marketing depends on more than just how creative and engaging your content is. Without competitive SEO management, even a fantastic story can be buried.

“Content teams are more concerned than ever about great SEO,” Kalvin said. “Content is highly competitive, and selecting the right descriptions and keywords can make the difference between your content landing as the first search result or hiding on page two.”

With AI Content Generator, you can use AI to generate SEO keywords and descriptions that meet industry standards and are based on your topic. 

Because AI is well equipped to find the most impactful connections between words and phrases, it can scan your content and product competitive SEO attributes faster than a content creator. This means less time spent on repetitive tasks, and more time focused on creating compelling stories.

“AI will have a big impact on SEO,”  Kalvin predicted. “Companies that embrace AI to generate the most impactful SEO attributes may start to be able to rank ahead of those relying on traditional methods. Because AI can generate accurate SEO attributes quickly and at scale, AI is a must-have tool for any content team.”

With AI Content Generator, you can use AI to generate SEO keywords and descriptions that meet industry standards and are based on your topic. 

Try it today

Contentful’s AI Content Generator is available now for every Contentful customer. To get the app, just head to the Contentful Marketplace. You can also find full installation instructions here.

Moreover, Contentful’s AI support doesn’t stop with Content Generator. Our Marketplace is full of AI-powered tools to help with jobs across your content program. 

Need to translate content using AI? Check out Linguiny, Phrase, Smartcat, and EasyTranslate

Want to reduce repetitive tasks using AI? Brand Guardian by Contentful Solution Partner VML can use AI to verify that images meet your brand guidelines, while Alttext can scan images and automatically generate SEO and accessibility-friendly alt text. 

Contentful’s own AI Image Tagging app also helps create tags for images using AI. 

Wrapping up

Through Contentful’s AI Content Generator and other apps in our Marketplace, you can use AI today to transform your content creation workflow. 

In our next post, we’ll highlight how one partner in particular — Writer — approaches responsible and accurate AI that further helps you use AI in your day-to-day content creation. I’ll be speaking with Writer’s Senior Manager of Content and Community, about what makes Writer unique and how you can reduce issues with AI “hallucinations” with responsible AI.

“Contentful is proud to be partnered with so many emerging AI technologies,” Kalvin said. “These partners plug seamlessly into Contentful and can be used today to make the content creation process easier, faster, and just plain more fun.”

For an in-depth walkthrough on optimizing SEO with Contentful, please refer to this guide.


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