The New Storytellers

On sprints toward scalable, content-driven commerce with Contentful

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The New Storytellers

Behind every winning content experience lies a team of innovators. This series highlights the people within our customer organizations driving change.

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Without a user-friendly CMS, On lacked the ability to develop a content-led ecommerce experience that fully conveyed the brand's vision and offerings.


A composable content platform has allowed On to implement a new design system and democratize content creation.


With Contentful, On is able to quickly produce inspiring content, turning customers into life-long brand advocates.


Localization features

Localization features streamlines tailoring content to specific regions.

Composable content platform

A composable content platform unifies content across all digital landscape.

Collaborative features

A headless architecture enables parallel workflows while previewing capabilities that streamline editorial processes.

Scalable structure

Modular, reusable content models enhance consistency while still leaving room for creativity.