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To have a successful digital business, you need the right tools to help you engage buyers and sell products. But in today's digital world, selling products is unanimous with creating a seamless experience for potential customers. Whether you're a small business or growing enterprise in line to be the next Amazon or Ebay, developing an ecommerce plan or strategy that meets modern consumer expectations is key. 
Evolving consumer demands and accelerated tech innovations require brands to increase their digital capabilities beyond the limitations of traditional, monolithic website solutions. That’s why ecommerce businesses are adopting a composable approach to digital, allowing them to build a tailored tech stack that meets internal operating needs and customer expectations both now and in the future. 
Read on to learn how Contentful® Composable Content Platform can help you build, test, and launch engaging ecommerce experiences that accelerate the customer's path to purchase while integrating with your existing technologies.

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Get the right product to the right customer at the right time

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Even the most storied brands struggle to compete in the age of convenience, but delivering the right content, to the right customer, at the right time is within reach. With content as a backbone, Contentful’s agile, enterprise-grade infrastructure powers personalization and omnichannel commerce alongside other purpose-built tools in your modern stack. Traditional CMSes and monolithic solutions offer limited user interface capabilities forcing users to rely heavily on developers to update copy, make new page templates or publish changes. This lack of integration creates inefficiencies that hinder brands’ ability to operate at the pace of modern commerce.

Agile ecommerce powered by Contentful, a composable content platform, allows teams to create, manage and scale content with a tool that is flexible enough to meet your business’s needs. As content is created, it becomes available in real time. This means developers can pull it into a new build, ecommerce managers can use it to augment product descriptions and marketers can use it to support email marketing campaigns. Contentful’s extensibility allows for easy integration with other systems in your tech stack, including data sources, product information systems (PIM), search engine optimization (SEO), digital asset management and personalization tools. 

So why do people love Contentful? Architects and developers enjoy the ability to adapt their content model, or make changes based on future business requirements. Retailers love being able to deliver relevant content using existing workflows that make sense for their organization. Technical and digital leaders capture strategic gains by simplifying foundational architecture and website design, which reduces risk and helps organizations get to market faster. Contentful functions as the single source of truth that integrates seamlessly into existing systems and in-house tools, and also paves the way for new technologies.

High-quality ecommerce experiences, powered by content

  • Best for builders

    Contentful helps builders launch quickly and effectively, in spite of digital sprawl.

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    Contentful integrates with your preferred tech stack, headless commerce, PIM or homegrown ecommerce store to help you grow quickly.

  • Fast-paced innovation

    Contentful helps you tailor an ecommerce plan to users wants and needs so you stay relevant and competitive.

3 Contentful ecommerce technology partners

  • Paired with Contentful, Shopify is one of the easiest ways to create rich product pages that your editorial team can update with little to no developer help.


Staples partners with Contentful to improve their online storefront experience

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