How to build an ecommerce site on the JAMstack

With Contentful and Commerce Layer

Static sites are great. They are reliable, flexible, and most importantly — fast. With the rise of the JAMStack, more developers than ever are turning to static sites as an alternative to their database-driven projects. But are static sites a good alternative for enterprise-level ecommerce?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build websites in a fast, secure and reliable way using static site-friendly content infrastructure
  • Use a marketplace of third-party APIs to help your ecommerce run well on static sites
  • Use Contentful and Commerce Layer together for static ecommerce with simple out of the box integrations in the Contentful Marketplace

Join Filippo Conforti, founder of Commerce Layer and Shy Ruparel, developer evangelist at Contentful as they showcase a practical example of a static ecommerce site, outline the benefits of static ecommerce and showcase how Contentful and Commerce Layer work together to drive online sales by empowering retailers to efficiently manage content across channels.

  • Duration


    Aprx 1 hour

  • Recording date

    Recording date

    December 5, 2019

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Filippo Conforti

Commerce Layer

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Shy Ruparel

Developer Evangelist,

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