The show goes on: product improvements we shipped in June and July

August 11, 2016


Two months have rolled by in a flash and it is time for another round up of product updates and platform improvements we have released in June and July.

Content preview

Since time immemorial, editors have considered previewing entries to be a sacrosanct feature of a CMS. The recent shift to headless CMSes and multi-platform content made the need for previewing content even more compelling. To scratch this itch, we've added the option of configuring a preview for individual content types to the space settings. Choose the entry types you want to preview, add one or multiple preview environments, and construct flexible URLs with field tokens. Our setup guide has all the details.


Laravel integration

JavaScript is not the only language in which cool things happen. The arrival of the Laravel web framework made it just as easy to build modern, scalable applications incorporating the MVC pattern in PHP. To help PHP developers achieve even more, we put together a step-by-step guide to integrating Contentful API into a Laravel application. If you've hesitated to try Contentful because you built things in PHP, now is a good time to give it a go.

Automated deployment for static sites

Static websites have attracted a lot of praise in the recent years. And deservedly so. The only nibble we have with the static approach is deployment: unless your website runs on Netlify, manually republishing it with every new entry becomes tedious. Our Ruby developer, David Litvak Bruno, has elegantly solved the problem by tying together webhooks, static site generators, and CircleCI API to produce a fully automated deployment process. We reference Jekyll and Middleman throughout the tutorial, but you are welcome to add any other generator too.

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