Introducing our Bits & Bytes video series

Different people learn differently. That’s no secret, but up until now, Contentful has mostly catered to those who prefer written forms of education. But that’s about to change with our Bits & Bytes video series.

This new series is brought to you by the Contentful Developer Relations team. Each video is designed to walk you through a key Contentful feature and help you better understand it’s value—all in less than 10 minutes.

You can find all of the videos in the Bits & Bytes page. If you’re not sure where to get started, here are a few of our favorites:

How to get started with the Contentful CLI

The Contentful CLI is a timesaver. Learn how you can get more done in less time without ever leaving the command line.

Contentful CLI video preview linking to the Bits & Bytes main page

Exploring the Contentful API from the docs

Test out API calls within our documentation using your own Contentful space.

Contentful API from the docs video preview linking to the Bits & Bytes main page

How to automatically optimize image file sizes using the Images API

I'm a frontend developer by heart. That's why I always try to make my apps bandwidth friendly. Let me show you can also work efficiently with the Contentful Images API to save data consumption.

Images API video preview linking to the Bits & Bytes main page

If you have any comments or feedback, head over to our Contentful Community forum and start a discussion.

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