By Taylor Gilbert, on Sep 12, 2018

Contentful joins forces with Optimizely, Atlassian, AWS and more to deliver modern digital experiences faster

Today marks another milestone for Contentful as we join the Digital Experience Stack (DXS) as a founding member of what promises to be a trendsetting alliance.

The aim of the DXS alliance, announced today at Optimizely’s conference, is to create a cohesive way for companies to leverage best-of-breed technologies to deliver digital products and the engaging experiences that customers expect. Contentful is a core member of this alliance, providing the content infrastructure layer of the modern digital stack.

In addition to Optimizely (experimentation) and Contentful, founding alliance members include Atlassian (collaboration), AWS (DevOps/LaaS/PaaS), Tealium (customer data management), Amplitude and Fullstory (analytics) and New Relic (performance monitoring).

The market is ripe for this alliance. It formalizes what cutting-edge companies are already doing: buying and assembling the best software solutions in a lean, tailored, pay-as-you-need model—an alternative to traditional, monolithic solutions.

By building on the DXS alliance platform, companies will be able to work with the products they love and deliver new digital touchpoints—two to even 10 times faster than before. That means digital products go from POC to P&L in record time, capturing greater value for these companies. This increase in delivery speed also comes at a lower cost and with reduced risk of getting locked into an existing all-in-one solution.

Each member of the DXS alliance specializes in a specific layer of the modern development stack, and each company backs up its capabilities with expertise and a strong focus on its core audience. This specialization alleviates the pain that customers experience when working with vendors that promise to do everything but, in the end, can’t deliver consistently high quality across the board.

The alliance ecosystem is based on open, cloud-based standards. DXS members provide APIs that give developers the ability to integrate and interchange tools as their needs and priorities evolve. With traditional digital experience platforms, companies often pay for everything, even if they don’t need it all. With DXS alliance members, companies only buy what they need: if they don’t need a new analytics solution, they don’t have to invest in that layer of the stack. The “buy and assemble” model is the ideal alternative to being forced to choose between simply building or buying.

Software, content and customer experience

The DXS alliance is at the forefront of a big shift happening across all industries. All companies are now, by necessity, digital companies, creating and shipping new products faster and faster to meet customer needs. Alliance members provide services that enable companies to learn about their customers, analyze that data, deliver products informed by that analysis and interact with customers in the modern, multi-channel world.

To win and retain customers, companies need websites, mobile apps, on-site experiences, and in-home products, and they need to be ready to capitalize on new channels yet to come. They need single promotions that can be delivered to the right customers at the right time, across various devices and touchpoints in the customer journey. And they need to deliver continuously improved, more contextual customer experiences—at scale. To do that, teams need to be able to pick the best tool for the job and integrate it seamlessly with other solutions in the stack using open APIs.

Content plays a huge role in this orchestration, and lies at the heart of every customer interaction. Content infrastructure breaks down silos—no need to copy-paste across multiple content management systems. Instead, companies can build an ecosystem of digital products powered from a single content hub. Our customers have seen massive improvements in velocity, flexibility and even employee retention thanks to their embracing of modern toolsets. TELUS, Red Bull, ASICS, Leica, TUI and others can ship new digital experiences three to five times faster.

Moving technology forward

With the DXS alliance, we’re going to make it easier than ever for companies to interconnect the modern, cloud-based solutions they need to succeed. Announcing the alliance is just the first step. Going forward, we’ll work on standardizing integrations, documentation and templates to help companies build their stack.

Throughout all aspects of launching and scaling new digital products and experiences, DXS alliance technology needs to prioritize enabling and empowering teams. If not, they’ll miss new opportunities, or worse, be disrupted. As part of the DXS alliance, Contentful will help companies modernize the way their content flows and not only meet, but exceed, their customers’ expectations.

Taylor Gilbert
San Francisco, USA

Director of Partnerships at Contentful