Webinar: Setting up a static blog with Contentful and Roots in 9 min

The team at our partner agency Carrot is enthusiastic about static websites, and so are we. Their simplicity, scalability and speed are but first reasons which come to mind to explain why everyone should learn about them and know when and how to use them.

Last Thursday Josh, developer at Carrot, and César, customer success master at Contentful, hosted a webinar about building static websites with Roots and Contentful. Josh showed several examples of real client projects in which he has used Roots and demonstrated how to set up a blog with Contentful and Roots in about 9m43s.

See the full video of the webinar below.

Roots is a static site compiler built and maintained by Carrot, and Contentful is, as you perhaps already know, an API-first CMS for multi-device publishing. The team at Carrot has also created an extension which enables connecting Roots with Contentful in very little time.


1  carrot-website

The Carrot agency own website is built with Roots + Contentful

2  terminal-creating-model

Josh creates a content model for the blog directly in the terminal

3  sample-blog-post

Sample blog post. Content is coming from Contentful

4  sample-blog-post-source

The source code for the post above

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