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What are Experiences?


Experiences by Contentful Studio allow you to use your existing components to assemble web experiences without coding. You can also make adjustments to the existing experiences without involving developer help.

Experiences come with basic out-of-the-box components that you can use to build your web experience. You can also import your design system components in it through the Experiences SDK to have your web experiences on-brand. And, you can group the components and save them as patterns to further reuse them across your experiences.

Set up Experiences

Experiences setup involves the following main stages:

  1. Setup in the Contentful web app:
  2. Project setup:

Query Experiences through the API

The structure of the experience object is identical to that of the entry object. Experiences are queried through the Contentful APIs as entries. During setup, a dedicated "Experiences" content type is generated per space.