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Algolia App

The Algolia app makes it easy to connect Algolia as a search engine to a Contentful space. Once it's installed, Contentful will be automatically pushing updates to the specified Algolia index when content changes.

WARNING: Apps is an experimental alpha feature. We are heavily iterating on it based on your feedback. Apps might stop working or get removed without notice so it's recommended to not use apps in production.


The Algolia app provides the following functionality:

  • Create, update and delete content in an Algolia index automatically
  • Configure which fields are indexed
  • Trim down field values


  • An Algolia account
  • An Algolia Application ID
  • An Algolia index with its indexName (a new index will be created if the specified does not exist)
  • An Algolia Admin API key


Step 1: Provide Algolia credentials

After pressing the Install button in the apps list, you'll be requested to provide a valid Algolia App ID and Algolia Admin API Key. Both can be found on the dashboard page of your Algolia account.

Setting up Algolia credentials

Step 2: Select a content type to index

The second step is choosing the content type that you want to index for search.

Selecting Content Type

Step 3: Configure how entries of a content type are indexed

Each content type has its own configuration. You need to provide:

  • The locale to index
  • The Algolia index to use

Configuring the content type

For more advanced use cases we enable fine control over fields and even their values. By toggling the searchable fields switch, individual fields to index can be nominated. Each field allows to:

  • Send the full field value or
  • apply a helper to trim down field values to a specific character/word/paragraph count, removing markdown or stop words

Configuring the fields and helpers

Once finished with the configuration, the Create button needs to be clicked to complete the configuration of the content type.


Does the Algolia app sync entries created before installing the app?

No, the alpha app uses webhooks under the hood to push changes to Algolia. That means each entry which gets published, unpublished or deleted gets updated in Algolia.

Can I select multiple content type?

Yes, you can create configurations for up to three content types. Keep in mind that each permutation of content type and locale creates two webhooks to function. Adding multiple content types will limit your ability to create more webhooks manually. If the app gets uninstalled, it will remove all webhooks which were created during installation.

Why does the app prompt for my API key when I update my configuration?

The API keys is stored as a secret header in a webhook. That means we can not reveal that value anymore and hence need to prompt for the key when new webhooks are created by the app.

Does the Algolia app send any sys fields?

The app automatically indexes:

  • the id of the entry as _entryId_
  • the content type id of the entry as _contentTypeId_

Does the Algolia app send any reference fields?

No, the app does not index any type of links (assets, references etc..). We plan to add that functionality in the future.