Making the move to a modern stack marketing website:

How Intercom refreshed their brand, replatformed their marketing website and transitioned to content infrastructure

Join Contentful’s webinar with Intercom to learn:

  • How Intercom replatformed their marketing website, from hard-coded to component-based (with no bespoke components)
  • Ways to overcome the challenges of getting started with content infrastructure
  • Best practices for speeding up cross-functional content operations
  • Tips to empower your marketing team to make changes without engineering resources

Fast-growing companies like Intercom that have expanding product portfolios must be able to go to market quickly and efficiently. Larger product sets also mean a larger buying committee and new stakeholders. To engage these new buyers, marketing teams need to quickly respond with campaigns, collateral and landing pages. To go to market quickly with new products while staying true to their brand, it’s critical for companies to have a fast, flexible content solution in place.

Intercom’s product manager Laurent Ottinger and product engineer Steven Petryk will share how moving off a hard-coded website changed the game. Intercom decided on a scalable content solution that empowered their marketers to make website changes and freed their engineers to focus on building digital products.

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  • Webinar date

    Webinar date

    Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019, 9:00 a.m PDT / 6:00 p.m. CEST

  • Duration


    1 hour

  • Speakers


    Lauren Ottinger - Product Manager, Intercom
    Steven Petryk - Product Engineer, Team Lead, Intercom
    Johanna Hyde - Sr Product Marketing Manager, Contentful

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