What’s new - Structured content

We constantly release updates; here are some recent highlights and favorites.
For a full list of new features and improvements, see our detailed ChangeLog.

Easily visualize, verify and publish nested content using reference view

Reference view allows you to clearly see all of the linked content that makes up the entry you are working on. This means that it is now much faster and easier to work with nested content, and makes publication much smoother.

Using reference view, you can select and perform batch actions on some or all of your linked entries. This means that entries can be Published or Verified in seconds, and errors that could have taken a long time to find and fix can be spotted and corrected in seconds.

You can read more in the blog and in the developer documentation. Contentul reference view slide in screen

Rich text editor

Contentful’s rich text editor comes with a point-and-click interface, universally loved by content creators, and a number of additional capabilities. Despite its freeform appearance, the rich text field stores content in a structured format — making it easy to create new content and deliver it to any screen.

Rich text editor

When paired with an appropriate content model and external integrations, rich text enables editors not only write copy, but also embed media, add signup forms, insert A/B experiments, work with dynamic text and perform many other advanced tasks within the editing interface. If you are adding the rich text editor to an existing content model, make sure to check out the migration tools we’ve built to support the transition.

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