SWAROVSKI OPTIK merges headless content and commerce

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Absam, Austria


countries with custom content for each


languages localized by country and region


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Bright IT
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Main Challenges

  • Segmented customer base, each with unique content and product needs

  • Needed to localize customer experience across 92 countries and 7 languages

  • Fragmented digital experience across marketing content and e-commerce landing pages

  • Editorial barriers hinder productivity and collaboration


  • Headless API-first solution provided flexibility and customization unmatched by former enterprise systems

  • Agile e-commerce approach enabled delivery of relevant content across user segments and locales

  • Built-in translation integration removed barriers to localization and improved workflow with translation agency

  • Server-side rendering via React delivered lightning-fast, optimized content experiences 

  • Custom-built app integrations increased productivity and usability for editorial teams

Project Story

SWAROVSKI OPTIK, headquartered in Absam, Tyrol, is part of the Swarovski group of companies. Founded in 1949, the Austrian company specializes in the development and manufacturing of long-range optical instruments of the highest precision in the premium segment of the market. With 30+ brick-and-mortar locations and a growing online presence, the family-run Austrian-based company now exports 91% of their products, making successful digital delivery more important than ever.

With a need to service three customer segments and in 92 counties, it became challenging to deliver a consistent experience in a single website. Transactional shop pages and marketing/blog content were siloed, creating a fragmented experience across the customer journey. Their monolithic system could not keep up with the speed of launching new features and products across numerous languages and localized shop pages, let alone handle integrations with enterprise 3rd party softwares inherited by the Swarovski Group. An inability or lack of flexibility to test, adapt, and make changes quickly without disrupting the customer experience was costing the team time and money. 

SWAROVSKI OPTIK teamed up with Contentful solution partner Bright IT — a group of technology and marketing experts who combine IT service providers and digital agencies' skills — to help guide the next phase of their digital transformation. Contentful was selected to power the shift to an agile, builder-centric, cloud-native platform powered by API-first technology, ensuring adaptability for both present and future features, channels and technologies. 

Contentful partnered with commercetools, a leading platform for next-generation B2C and B2B commerce, to deliver a lightning-fast web experience to support storefront performance. Contentful’s commercetools app integration allowed customers to easily move between content and products with no lag time, even as updates were being made to the site. The built-in image resizer and optimizer dramatically decreased the number and size of images being delivered to clients, while a React framework facilitated the delivery of optimized content and imagery with pre-made code and integrations, reducing speed to launch.

Contentful has also resolved many of the barriers to scaling SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s localization and translation needs. Instead of rewriting content for each language and dialect, the ability to provide localization services on field and entry levels through Contentful allowed editors to reuse translated content across locales, while maintaining the flexibility to customize where needed. The Tags feature has streamlined workflows with transition partners, while Contentful’s modular content structure helped to lower the number of possible combinations of text and images overall, reducing legwork for editors.

Since deployment, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has even built two Contentful integrations of their own to help improve editorial productivity. Block visualization allows editorial teams to facilitate more direct editing functionality, while their sitemap browser helps content editors dynamically locate pages within the sitemap at ease. 

Transitioning onto Contentful’s API-first content platform allowed SWAROVSKI OPTIK to drive productivity through customization, enabling the brand to deliver seamless customer experiences across the globe.

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